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“My mission is to educate managers to achieve a cohesive and equitable culture.

To help women harness their power and potential.” -Brielle Valle

About Brielle Valle Consulting

Increase Profits by Empowering Your Managers.

Managers and leaders are vital to your business. Without trusted and knowledgeable managers, retention of talented employees suffer. Give your managers the tools they need to create an equitable company culture by investing in management consulting services with Brielle Valle Consulting.

When you invest in your managers, arming them with the education to ethically and effectively lead, you will witness increased cohesion and higher productivity.

With degrees in business leadership and organizational communication, my philosophies are not wishful thinking. They are rooted in empirics, and they work. I have a solution for your business and your most valuable assets: your people.


Leadership Coaching for Managers

In my leadership development consulting services, I help managers identify their strengths and areas for growth. We use that knowledge as the catalyst for behavioral change.

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DEI Training • Coaching 

Leadership Coaching • Culture Coaching • DEI Training for managers

“Working for organizations who are willing to take steps to change their workplace culture has been the most inspiring workplace environment achievement in my lifetime. I’m so grateful, because I know with these steps, it is creating a career pathway for my daughter and future generations! Thank you WORK180 for being the beacon!”

Barbara Sheehy 
Member of the WORK180 community