August 9, 2021

5 examples of living the company values at CSL

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You won’t see much of Ljubinka Duzel on LinkedIn these days. Not just because she hates talking about herself, but because since being recruited to CSL through LinkedIn, she no longer sees the need for it.

“I’m where I want to be until I retire now.”

Finding her place with CSL

It all started while Ljubinka was sitting in at the hairdressers, and she received a phone call from someone who had found her on LinkedIn and was asking if she was ‘open to new work opportunities’.

Well, actually that’s not entirely true.

It started long before that when she spent a year in Belgium working in a metal plating factory. To this day, she still says it was the hardest physical work she’s ever done. After that Ljubinka came back to Australia and built up her resume with work as a forklift driver, then as an all-rounder office administrator, then as a site manager, then as an account manager, before working as a warehouse manager – not to mention earning herself a degree in international trade, and a post-graduate certificate in Supply Chain Management.

Now back to the hairdressers…

Ljubinka didn’t realize at first who it was on the phone offering her the opportunity, and being understandably distracted at the time, she asked if they could call her back tomorrow. The recruiter on the other end said they’d send her some details about the job and asked her to reach back out if she was interested.

“I was mortified when I realized it was someone from CSL! They’re such leaders in the industry, I couldn’t believe I had blown them off so casually on the phone. I applied immediately and called back to apologize.”

Despite thinking she’d blown it, HR quickly got back to her, and the rest is history.

CSL is genuinely the best company I’ve ever worked for, hands down. Other companies I’ve worked for had great culture, but CSL is on another level.”

Part of the reason CSL can exist on this ‘other level’ in terms of culture, is the genuine way they embrace their company values. Many organizations state their corporate values on their company websites, some even weave them into the recruiting and hiring processes. But unfortunately, that’s where the focus on values typically stops. Not at CSL.

In our short chat with Ljubinka, she was able to speak to each one of CSL’s values being lived and embraced at work. Which is more impressive considering she’s only been working there a little over 18 months, and much of that has been amidst the lockdowns and pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • We are stronger together“I can definitely attest to the level of collaboration at CSL. With their work on the AstraZeneca vaccine for COVID, so many people and departments have come together. To join in on those meetings and see 50 people working through an agenda and see what they were achieving – was amazing. COVID has been tough for all business to work through. We had to be smarter and more efficient just like everyone else. Collaboration might sound like a pretty generic value all companies have, but it genuinely happens here.”


Patient Focus

  • We deliver on our promise to patients 

    “I’m not going to pretend to know every product CSL makes or what it’s used for. But the focus is always on the highest level of safety and compliance. Every single person is aware there’s a patient waiting on the treatments we’re working on. There’s a written process for absolutely everything – as well there should be. Nothing is left to chance or common sense. I’ve come from other sectors with a real wild west attitude, but the safety aspect here is through the roof.”


  • We walk the talk 

    “There are so many things I’ve seen happen in other companies that would never ever fly here, because of the integrity standards. Something that impressed me during my orientation was a slide that said 57% of CSL workforce are women, and 44% of management at CSL are also women. I’ve worked in male-dominated industries most of my career, I’ve dealt with everything from sexual harassment, gendered pay inequities and more. But here I do genuinely feel equal. The high representation of women in senior management means I know I can ascend to new heights here.”

Superior Performance

  • We take pride in our results 

    “For me I’ve sat in so many meetings where I’ve just sat back and listened because I was just in awe. The stuff the scientists are doing here is so impressive, and sometimes I feel like I’m just a warehouse manager. But there’s a level of responsibility (and pride) even with me for the storage and transport aspects to go without a hitch. I’m moving something the entire world is relying on. It opened my eyes and was very impressive to watch fall into place.”



  • We turn innovative thinking into solutions 

    “Since I’ve started we’ve been able to work together to strategize new processes, and pitch to the right people to implement. I think that’s a pretty good innovation piece here. Other places I’ve worked I have looked at ways to improve, but just been told ‘no’. I’m genuinely excited about new warehouse systems that I’m going to get to play with. CSL really aren’t afraid to innovate to get better at doing things.”

Takeaway advice

Despite her obvious inner strength and tenacity, Ljubinka admits to being quite an introvert, generally averse to sharing outside her immediate circle of friends. Yet she still agreed to talk with us and share her stories with CSL. When we asked why, this was her answer:

“I felt a responsibility to do this for any women out there who are struggling or fearful of getting into a male-dominated industry. I’ve been in it for a long time now, and I want them to know, women can thrive here. Women add value in ways a lot of people don’t even realize yet. I want women to understand the world of business is completely wide open for them.

If I could say one thing, it would be don’t be afraid to use your voice. I’ve worked with a lot of women in the past who were reluctant to put forth their opinion or say their piece in a room full of men. I refuse to be like that. If you’re convinced you have a better way – say it. Even at risk of being wrong. It’s better to have pride in your failure, than regret in your silence.”


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Looking for a new opportunity?

Our transparent job board only has vacancies from employers we endorse and lets you see what benefits, policies and perks come with the job.