September 12, 2021

A place where you make it your own – Megaport

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Imagine doing what you love while travelling around the world. This is exactly what Selina Ungr did for a year as a Content Writer for a Registered Training Organization. When her stint ended mid-way through 2018, she started working for Megaport as a Recruitment Coordinator. From the outset, Selina knew there was something special about Megaport. Being a new company in Australia, the environment is a collaborative one where things get done without red tape. This was something Selina respected and valued.

She progressed her way through a few exciting roles, giving her invaluable exposure to the whole business before taking on a permanent position as the People Data Analyst.

“I got out of HR slightly to work on content development and assessment writing for an RTO. It was exciting because I got to travel and see the world; all I needed was good internet to do my work. Then I had my daughter which shifted my priorities and I decided to head back to Australia.”

Selina enjoys her career in People and Culture but says her current role is the most rewarding.

“I’ve had a few wonderful roles at Megaport. I moved into a project coordinator role to implement our new payroll system; both the recruitment and project roles were contracts. I managed to secure a People and Culture Business Partner role in October 2019 which was a permanent opportunity. After nine months, I moved into my current position as a People Data Analyst towards the end of 2020.”

Driving critical people decisions

Selina originally studied engineering at university. While she enjoyed the problem-solving aspect of the profession, she felt Human Resources was a much better fit.

“I started my tertiary studies in engineering – I was one of only two women in the lecture theatre. I felt very much out of place. I moved away from engineering into HR. I chose HR because I wanted to support others. I’m in my happy medium that combines both the problem-solving aspect and also the “human side”. Since it’s a newly created role, there has been a lot of learning on the fly. Perhaps there’s scope for some formal study soon!”

Combining analytical thinking and influencing skills is something Selina thrives on.

“Working with data and people gives me a good balance. The data is very helpful in making critical decisions for the business. The role balances the fluff with the numbers. In addition to this role, I just implemented Workday, a HRIS, into the business. It looks into everything from recruitment and learning to payroll. This is a huge implementation to support Megaport’s growth.”


“I’m proud to say I work for Megaport!”

Megaport’s growth has accelerated due to the digital transformation of many organizations.

“There is massive growth at the moment. The growth is fueled by digital transformation, especially in a post-COVID world. We’re fortunately in the right industry of technology and connectivity which is integral in this new world. Instead of cutting costs, we’re ramping up, and scaling up and scaling out as our CEO has said. We are going through a lot of exciting changes constantly, indicative of our growth. It’s about bringing the business along the journey. We have grown 30%.”

But while Megaport is growing rapidly, people are still at the core and the heart of everything.

“It’s such a cool place to work for. It’s a different kind of culture where we work hard and celebrate success at the same time. I knew I wanted to stay here once I saw this. In the early days when I was a contractor, my biggest goal was to join the company permanently. My daughter was seven months old when I started as a contractor and Megaport has been extremely flexible and supportive from the start.”

“I’m in a role that I really enjoy doing. Megaport trusts in my abilities. It’s always been learning on the go here – you need to be curious and take that leap of faith to learn and make mistakes.”

It is important to Megaport that their team members feel supported to continuously grow and learn. Megaport is currently supporting Selina through her post-grad Certificate in Data Analytics and her Google Data Analytics Certificate. Out of her five working days, one is dedicated to her courses.

“This opportunity is a pathway for me into Data Analytics; it complements my HR experience and provides the tools I need to excel in my role. This wouldn’t be possible without flexible work conditions and the support of my manager. I’m proud to say I work for Megaport!”

Inclusive of all ideas

Megaport is still a relatively new organization so their appetite for change and innovation is at an all-time high. The company doesn’t have the same red tape — only a bunch of passionate individuals who are motivated to deliver the best outcomes for customers.

“HR itself has changed a lot in the last ten years. Being part of Megaport has shown that changes are now happening at a rapid pace. Older companies take longer to adapt to changes, but people here are always open to discussing new ways of doing things. There is a big collaborative culture and you form lots of friendships here.”

“There are think tanks here where we have constructive conversations on diversity. All genders get involved. Gender equality is supported and celebrated and recognized for their success.”

Selina shares some final thoughts on how much she enjoys working at Megaport. The trust and faith in people to just do great work is something she values.


“There is a lot of autonomy here to see where your skills can take you. All ideas and initiatives are considered and welcomed. It’s a good time to be here. There is also the ability to have a genuine discussion on how to improve the process and share the ideas.
It’s still a young business in Australia and everything is still fresh. You’re not held back by red tape or strict policies and processes that can stop innovation.”

When Selina is not working, she loves enjoying quality time with her family.

“My interests are spending as much time with my daughter as possible. She loves singing and dancing, so I like taking her to concerts to see her favorite shows. If I have a spare minute I enjoy doing some yoga, and I really love travelling but for the time being, I’m looking to do more road trips.”

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Looking for a new opportunity?

Our transparent job board only has vacancies from employers we endorse and lets you see what benefits, policies and perks come with the job.