April 22, 2021

Brewing the perfect career – Lavazza

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Bronwyn Gregory has had an appetizing career. We talked so much about food and coffee, we felt completely famished! She spent many years in hotel management before venturing straight into food and beverage.

As the National Key Account Manager for Lavazza, Bronwyn is responsible for managing the key accounts. Coffee is a staple in our culture and intriguingly, retail coffee sales boomed during the pandemic as people started to work from home and wanted the same quality at home as their favorite café.

A family company that puts people first

Our first impressions of Bronwyn were her positivity and enthusiasm. This had a lot to do with working in the hospitality industry where delivering a memorable customer experience is always front of mind. She says she thrives under pressure and the hospitality industry has shaped her to become very resilient.

“The hospitality industry is very fast-paced and it makes you very resilient. You have to always be consistent and persistent. Never give up and keep going. Success comes through hard work.”

We asked Bronwyn about her career journey to date.

“I started off my career in hotel and business management at Hyatt Hotels. Then ventured into food and wine.”

Bronwyn has worked in the coffee industry before and we asked what Bronwyn enjoys most about working for Lavazza specifically. She shares,

“It’s an excellent company. The people here are fabulous to work with. The culture is very family-focused and they look after their employees and wellbeing. I like how Lavazza is steeped in tradition and heritage. It’s also a very well-respected global coffee brand.”

Bronwyn has been with Lavazza for just under a year and has enjoyed every minute of it.

“Since I have joined, it’s been a welcoming experience. It’s fast-paced with lots of opportunity and a wide range of colleagues to bounce ideas off. The people here are big believers in what people can do. It’s a can-do attitude here.”

Thinking global, acting local

Another reason Bronwyn is proud to work for Lavazza is because of its commitment to sustainability.

“What they represent in terms of sustainability and ethics is important to me. Its core values focus on how we treat our people and customers. Lavazza works with local communities to improve the conditions of the places where it operates. The business gives back a lot through the Lavazza Foundation.”


The Lavazza Foundation promotes and implements economic, social and environmental sustainability projects, to support coffee-producing communities around the world. Projects supported by the Lavazza Foundation have the primary objective of helping coffee producers to improve the yield and quality of their products, through agricultural best practices training, and encouraging the development of their entrepreneurial skills.

Lavazza is also conscious about empowering women and strives for gender equality. Bronwyn says the business takes action and does things they say they will.

“What I have noticed is people like myself are women and in key management positions across the company and around the world. They truly live the values. Still today it’s family-owned which speaks volumes.”

For the love of spice and all things nice

Bronwyn works hard to keep her accounts at Lavazza happy, but equally, she also prioritizes self-care and making time for those who fill her cup.

“I love catching up with the people I love like family and friends. I love to visit the wineries when I can. My favorite wines are from Voyager Estate which is a family-owned Margaret River winery.”

You cannot work in food and beverage without loving it, so Bronwyn spends a lot of time cooking mouth-watering Italian dishes and also spicy Asian-inspired food. Of course, the food is paired with matching drinks. We think any guest at Bronwyn’s place is lucky.

We ended our conversation with Bronwyn sharing her top three career tips:

  • Do something you love: “Definitely to work in a field that interests you. Do you what you love and you’ll be successful. There is no point in not enjoying what you do. Try to focus on a field or an area that you have a connection and key interest in.” 
  • Show vulnerability: “Sometimes it’s important to show a bit of vulnerability. You get to build relationships that way and people will trust you.” 
  • Be strong and resilient: “I have an ability to be very calm in challenging environments. Don’t sweat the small things and keep your eye on the prize. Don’t let silly things get in the way. Think about your goals and what you need to focus on now or today.”

If you’re someone who appreciate great coffee, sustainability and a family-friendly environment, your next opportunity is may be waiting for you at Lavazza.

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Looking for a new opportunity?

Our transparent job board only has vacancies from employers we endorse and lets you see what benefits, policies and perks come with the job.