June 22, 2021

In great chemistry and culture – BOC

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As soon as Edith Butterfield landed on our shores, she knew she was home. She started at BOC seven years before transferring to the Australian office. Edith soon found herself progressing rapidly and now leading a strong team who are passionate about delivering customer excellence and beyond.

Edith joined BOC in 2005 shortly after completing a Masters Degree in Chemistry, which led her into a role as a Scientific telephone account manager in the UK business. She says people don’t usually stay in contact centre roles for long, but at BOC, it is refreshingly different.

With a keen interest in customers and providing great service, Edith then progressed into a projects role within the Product Management Team.

“Moving into the Product Management Team gave me lots of great commercial experience, dealing with suppliers and supply chain logistics. It also gave me exposure to working directly with customers to solve problems and I found I really wanted to develop this in my next role. I really enjoy working with customers – getting to understand their business, the issues they are facing, and then working with them to find solutions using BOC’s range of products and services.”

I transferred to the Australian business in 2012. My original intention was for it to be a bit of a working holiday, but I love it so much it ended up being a permanent move.

Going behind the scenes at BOC

When Edith started at BOC, she was blown away by the friendly culture and investment made into growing and developing people.

I was looking for a local job and I got a really strong sense of the culture and welcome nature of the business from that first interview. It’s no wonder people come and stay for a very long time. I wanted to work for a company that invests in me and BOC does just that.

In one of Edith’s roles, she got to travel all around New South Wales and Queensland and meet customers. She especially enjoyed visiting regional areas like Toowoomba and Bathurst. She fell in love with the people and a great sense of appreciation for how BOC is helping their businesses.

In another role, Edith was given the opportunity to work strategically with suppliers to maximise the cost-benefit of the products. “This was the first time I’ve worked directly with suppliers to develop product ranges for customers. The role took me to China to visit several manufacturing facilities which was a real learning curve for me.”

Edith is brilliant at building relationships, so much to the point where she’s had customers invite her over for tea. For context, there are many at-home based customers who use BOC gases for their business needs.

It feels good when you get to build a connection with customers and create a real partnership.

Taking a leap of faith

Edith took on her first people manager role in 2018. BOC had every confidence in her, so she was offered to take on a role which would allow her to successfully provide a strategic review of the business process to improve Customer Experience.

“When I was first offered the role, the thought of managing a large Team was quite intimidating but I knew the Leadership Team at BOC wouldn’t let me fail. I saw this as an opportunity to lead and work with amazing people. It has allowed me to look into the business process more and gain experience working with cutting edge technology such as robotic automation.”

Edith was well supported to take on the leadership role. But leadership doesn’t have to be a title or position. No matter what level you are in at BOC, your ideas are seen and heard.

I have found BOC to be a very supportive and flexible environment. Generally, there is a level of trust given to employees to get on. You can set your own agenda, and do what you feel needs to be done in order to best serve the customer. I have also found that suggestions and actions for continuous improvement are always welcomed.

Edith’s top tips

We very much enjoyed hearing about Edith’s career journey. We asked what her top career tips were. She shares:

  • It’s all about who you know: “One thing that has really helped me is I’ve had roles that allowed me to network across the business. When you do move into new roles, it’s less overwhelming because you’ve got existing relationships. I’ve taken the time to build those relationships.”
  • Share with the world what you want: “Be open and transparent with what you’re trying to achieve to your managers. They will help work out a way to get you there. If it doesn’t happen, don’t stop trying.”
  • You’ll have people who have your back. Always: “Part of the reason why I have a great career is because I’ve always had excellent managers. I knew they would never let me fail. It didn’t matter how tough the situation was, they have a vested interest in seeing me succeed. So, when my role requires me to takes risks it’s that bit easier because I know I am not alone.”

Outside of work, Edith loves to spend time with her young family, doing arts and crafts or just finding a quiet moment. She also has a Border Collie – who is often mistaken for a wolf!

We ended the conversation with Edith reflecting on the family culture at BOC.

It’s such a big company with so many opportunities. It will be your second family before you know it.

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Looking for a new opportunity?

Our transparent job board only has vacancies from employers we endorse and lets you see what benefits, policies and perks come with the job.