April 27, 2021

A good habit of trying something new – Microsoft

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Torrie Reilly started at Microsoft as a graduate almost three years ago. Fast forward to today, she works as a Technology Strategist.

“I was never very interested in technology growing up. It wasn’t until I started a Business with IT foundation degree at University that I saw my passion for technology really flourish. I always had the intention of transferring to a Law degree once I completed my foundation year, but I enjoyed the technology aspect so much that I continued on that pathway.”

“I did an industrial placement at Intel, and I graduated with a 1st class degree in Business Information Systems in 2018. I joined Microsoft three years ago on their graduate program.”

Part of Torrie’s role is helping influential business leaders and Chief Information Officers/Chief Technology Officers to grow their businesses using the right tech solutions.

“I work with our Financial Services customers. A large part of my role is building relationships with the technical leadership team within my customers to understand what they’re trying to achieve, and how technology can support them in delivering their outcomes. I also orchestrate the right resources from Microsoft to help my customers in achieving their objectives.”

Torrie’s dedication to helping her customers resulted in a nomination for the Microsoft Gold Club award in her first year! The Gold Club Award recognizes the extraordinary performance of individuals who transform and contribute to the overall success and growth of Microsoft. Recipients must have demonstrated significant impact through a growth mindset, making a difference to change the world.

Microsoft have played a big role in setting Torrie up for career success. She attributes the supportive culture and development opportunities. Her colleagues are always encouraging each other to think bigger. Most people shy away from getting thrown in the deep end — but not Torrie. She loves it.

“As women, sometimes if we feel we don’t tick 100% of the boxes, we don’t go for it. I just love to throw myself in. I’m most comfortable when I’m thrown in the deep end and I just go for it. Don’t hold yourself back. Take the opportunity because you never know, you might like it.”


A commitment to diversity and inclusion

Torrie is committed to diversity and inclusion, and upon joining Microsoft, was pleased to see their commitment to closing the gender gap.

“I love that I’m able to influence other females in considering a career in technology, both early in career and those with longer tenure, through the diversity and inclusion initiatives at Microsoft.”

Microsoft is involved with many initiatives to encourage more women to get into technology. From being a WORK180 Endorsed Employer to forming employee action groups like Microsoft Women in Technology.

“We will only achieve our mission if we live our culture. We start with becoming learners in all things—having a growth mindset. Then we apply that mindset to learning about our customers, being diverse and inclusive, working together as one, and—ultimately—making a difference in the workplace.”

A wealth of career advice

Torrie has accelerated her career in the three years she’s been with Microsoft.

We asked her to share her career tips and advice for graduates and others early in their careers. She says:

  • Get out of your comfort zone: “Just try it because you might love it. I mentor early-in-career professionals and I must say, self-doubt is a common theme. Sharing similar experiences often provides confidence and courage.” 
  • Celebrate the small wins: “You need to check in with yourself at the end of the day. Remind yourself of all your achievements.” 
  • Build a community around you: “You need people to lift you up. Not just women. Have mentors and people around you who are deep thinkers and have different opinions.” 
  • There are no mistakes, only learnings: “You don’t make mistakes if you think you can learn from them. It is something we live and breathe every day at Microsoft.”

A life of music and culture

It’s not just the workplace where she takes chances. Torrie has done a lot of things that are on the bucket list for many adventure seekers.

“I’ve swum with whale sharks in the Philippines and jumped off waterfalls. I spent four months in Thailand teaching English in a small village while I was still at university. It’s all a great experience and helps you grow.”


It was pure joy to chat to Torrie and see her sipping tea from a George Michael mug.

“’I’m also a big fan of music from disco, 80s pop to funk. I’m an old soul when it comes to music”

“Pre-Covid, I used to go to live gigs and festivals. During the lockdown, I’ve been really enjoying getting out for walks and I’m lucky enough to live close to some lovely parks in London. I’m still listening to music (albeit in my apartment).”

We think Torrie is the ‘unicorn’ colleague everyone wants to work with — and a role model for other early career females in Technology.

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Looking for a new opportunity?

Our transparent job board only has vacancies from employers we endorse and lets you see what benefits, policies and perks come with the job.