May 17, 2019

Jennifer Webster, Senior HR Business Partner, shares how Schneider Electric supported her return to work

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Jennifer Webster, Schneider Electric’s Senior HR Business Partner

What interests you in your role, how has your role/career developed in Schneider?

The variety! Whilst I have worked at Schneider for 11 years, my role has evolved and changed substantially over that time and given me the opportunity to learn, develop and continue to challenge myself.

What’s a big challenge for you right now?

How to create a more inclusive culture for all our people so they feel their thoughts, views and interests are respected and valued.

How would you explain your job to people not from our industry?

Creating the best possible team and environment for our people and business to succeed.

How has Schneider supported you?

Having two children under the age of 5, Schneider has supported me with enhanced maternity pay, providing a supportive environment when I was ready to return to work and given me the opportunity to work flexibly. In addition, the team around me are incredibly supportive of each other and always willing to share experience, provide advice, be a sounding board or discuss ideas.

Who has supported you, been a guide or role model? How?

There have been so many, its difficult to focus on one person! There are always people with different experiences, backgrounds or perspectives that you can learn from. I enjoy listening to other’s perspectives and exploring some of their ideas further to give me a greater appreciation of differing viewpoints or experience.

What makes it exciting working in our industry?

We are genuinely contributing to making the world a better, more sustainable place for the future – there is nothing more exciting or topical than that!

What’s impressive you about Schneider Electric in terms of its people, culture, work, opportunities etc?

We are ambitious about what we want to achieve in terms of our people, our business and our impact in the world. This means that there are always opportunities to develop yourself and your career if you demonstrate the ability, agility and ambition.

How can we support the progression of female careers across Schneider Electric?

We need to continue to invest in their development and supporting them in transitioning back to work after starting families, it is a pivotal point in women’s lives where confidence can dip as you explore the new version of yourself, balancing your work and family commitments.

What advice would you give to your “younger self”?

Have more confidence in yourself and don’t be afraid to speak up and make yourself heard (this still applies today by the way!)

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Positive, passionate, humorous

What’s the one best piece of career advice you’ve been given, and why is it relevant at Schneider Electric?

When I started one role, the HR Director told me to always speak up if I’m stuck or if something has gone wrong and we would solve it as a team and she created an environment where we could open up and learn from setbacks. This feels pertinent to Schneider and our ambition to create a learning, collaborative and innovative culture.

Within Schneider who has been your greatest support (ie have you had a mentor, coach, buddy) who has supported you through your career and help with your career choices?

I feel I have had a lot of informal mentors during my time at Schneider that have helped to guide me at certain points in my career and to give me the confidence to push myself further, including current and previous managers

How do you ensure upon your great well-being & do you have any activities outside of work?

I enjoy running outside of work but need to make more time for it! We also enjoy going out as a family so the children can burn off some energy and see new and cool things.

![J Webster’s children.jpg]( ‘J Webster’s children.jpg’)

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Our transparent job board only has vacancies from employers we endorse and lets you see what benefits, policies and perks come with the job.