September 14, 2020

Taking on a world of opportunities

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Dixy De La Rosa has travelled the world in her 14 years with Ericsson. In current times, the outlook for an international career looks a little different, but Dixy describes how it is common in Ericsson to work with colleagues from all around the world every day, and how Ericsson Australia is at the forefront of innovation in mobile communications on a global stage.

She says, “You are in charge of your future at Ericsson. They will give you a world of opportunities and all the tools you need to be successful. You can relocate to all corners of the globe as I have or be part of leading global projects where you are.”

Having a worldwide career and dream jobs

Throughout her career, Dixy says, “I’m always pushing the boundaries and taking full advantage of available opportunities.”

She was part of a women’s mentoring program when she joined in 2006 as a Service Delivery Manager. She was responsible for North-East North America including Canada, travelling and learning about other offices.

“It was initially quite demanding, and really interesting!”

Dixy spent six months in Texas, then moved to San Francisco to be the Project Manager on a key account.

“That was one of my career highlights. People started to know more about me as a PM, and that my team really liked working with me.”

Two years later, “I had the opportunity to be part of a global team. It became my biggest challenge and biggest goal to be part of that group. The people on that team were handpicked from all over the world. It is the best job I’ve ever had — my dream job. I travelled to Ericsson offices all across the world and saw firsthand that the global culture is all about the employees and the people.”

Dixy spent time in Bangladesh, at the head office in Sweden, in Germany, UK, Chile, Colombia and then two years in South Africa.

“Being part of the global team was a goal for me because they were really the elite of Project Managers when it comes to experience. We were firefighting on projects in dire need of getting back on track financially, with timelines and resources.”

She connected with an Australian engineer whilst working on one of her projects, who later suggested Dixy apply for a job in the Ericsson Australia team, working as part of the nbn project.

“That was an amazing opportunity. They were building a whole new network. It was so eye opening, and I was able to travel to lots of remote, interesting places within Australia.”

Now as the Head of Service Delivery – Telstra Communication Services, Dixy is part of the Australian Digital Services leadership team.

“It’s been very rewarding. I’ve been able to work with a really great, mixed team, and on projects that are delivering regional and world firsts.”

Steps for building your dream career

Spending time in Sweden allowed Dixy to “see the epicenter of Ericsson and how the culture there really translated to all the other countries.”

Ericsson is people-centric, with leadership that is highly accessible.

“That accessibility and the culture of people helping each other regardless of what level they are runs across the business.”

Her tips for someone wanting a similarly exciting career are:

  • Join the community. “Be part of both the broader community and the local community where you are living.”
  • Look for the positives. “There’s always a positive side to things, no matter how hard it may sometimes feel.”
  • Be a sponge. “There’s a lot to learn, just take one step at a time. Be a sponge and try to absorb as much as you can.”
  • Continue to learn. “Take classes. You can learn how to be a better leader, how to manage your health, technical skills. Learn it all.”
  • Do the work. “You are in control of your future. While employers will give you the tools, but you have to be the one working those tools.”
  • Keep going! “Don’t give up. No matter how difficult it feels, if it’s your dream then go for it!”

Development is key for Dixy, both for herself and helping others learn and grow. She manages the 2020 graduates throughout their experience, from the time they send in their CVs, to the interview process and then supporting them on their journey as they join Ericsson. She’s also just signed on to mentor the 2021 graduates.

In addition, Dixy takes advantage of flexible working arrangements at Ericsson and supports several employees in her team to work on a part time basis. She is a big believer that everyone has something to contribute and should be supported through flexibility.

She shares, “From the moment I became part of the Ericsson family in 2006, I have always wanted to make a difference. I like managing and supporting people, helping them grow and develop.”

Making it in the telecommunications industry

Dixy has known her industry would have a predominance of males from the time she started university, and admits, “There are still times that I’m the only female in meetings. When I was younger it could be a bit intimidating at times, but as I kept working, I realized I wasn’t treated any differently to anyone else.”

“When I was part of the global team there were two women in the group. Last month another woman joined the Australian Digital Services leadership team. I’ve never felt like me being a female has stopped me from fulfilling my dreams or getting where I want to be.”

Ericsson continues to focus on improving its gender balance, and its graduate intake has been in excess of 50% women for the last 6 years. This investment in Ericsson’s female talent pipeline is reaping benefits as women who joined as graduates are now being promoted into key business roles, which is something Dixy is very proud to be part of.

To young women trying to succeed in non-traditional industries, Dixy shares: “Get ready to see eye to eye and be treated exactly like anyone else. Ericsson doesn’t treat you differently because you’re a woman. It’s about effort and the job you do – you’ll be assessed the same as any other employee.”

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Looking for a new opportunity?

Our transparent job board only has vacancies from employers we endorse and lets you see what benefits, policies and perks come with the job.