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How to not let burnout sabotage your career or your relationships

Wednesday, 3 May 2023, 12 PM AEST
Online via the free WORK180 Forum

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This webinar will be hosted in the FREE WORK180 community! This is a safe space to ask difficult questions, access career resources, and network with like-minded people. 

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Why attend

Level up with a career expert

Engage with Lai-Ling, career expert, and learn how to maximize your career potential and reach your goals.

Explore your strengths

Build self-esteem by learning how to effectively combat burnout while succeeding in your career and relationships. 

Network with like-minded women

Explore the free WORK180 Community forum, connect with other professionals, and access the latest advice and career resources.

62% of employees and 66% of managers in Australia are burnt out at work. The likelihood that this is you or someone you know right now is high.
Burnout doesn’t happen overnight. It creeps up on you ever so slowly and can silently sabotage your career and the relationships in your life.
What are you doing to ensure you’re in the one-third of Australians who are thriving at work?

Walk away from this session with practical tools to confidently:

  • identify burnout in yourself and others,
  • understand the impact of burnout on careers and relationships, and
  • activate prevention, management, and support mechanisms for burnout.


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Meet the speaker

Lai-Ling Su

Executive & Leadership Coach

Lai-Ling is an experienced coach, mentor, educator, facilitator, and consultant for leaders at all levels; having worked with individual contributors, high potentials, and new leaders, through to the C-Suite.

With a special interest in human interactions, systems, and complexity, she has spent the past decade and a half navigating the science and evidence base behind human potential, human performance, resilience in complex adaptive systems, and positive organizational transformations – including enterprise agile transformations.

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