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How to Negotiate Your Salary (for a New or Existing Role)

Recorded Wednesday, 24 April 2024

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Level up with a career expert

Hear from Robin DeLucia, a career expert, on how to maximize your career potential and reach your goals.

Explore your strengths

Build confidence by learning how to identify what’s truly important in your career, and how to stay motivated to reach your goals.

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Join us for a free webinar where Robin will guide you through the ins and outs of preparing for a salary discussion with an employer.

Learn how to:

  • Do your homework – how to research salaries for your role
  • Know your worth – what talking points to prepare
  • Anticipate the discussion – let’s prepare for the potential responses
  • Additional tips to strengthen your position

Finally, Robin will share with you some of the ‘unknown tricks in negotiating your salary!



Meet the speaker

Robin DeLucia

As a strong advocate for women, Robin DeLucia uses her expertise to prepare you to negotiate salary increases, write winning resumes, nail your job interview, and support you in changing careers. As a Gallup-accredited Strengths Coach, Robin matches your strengths with careers you will love. This approach gives you the language to describe yourself authentically and stand out in interviews and on paper/online. Her clients are consistently getting callbacks and landing their dream jobs.

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