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Negotiating Flexible Working That Works For You

Wednesday, 22 November 2023, 12 PM AEDT

Online via the free WORK180 Forum

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Negotiating flexible working that works for you

Why attend

Level up with a career expert

Engage with Kate & Fiona, career experts, and learn how to maximize your career potential and reach your goals.

Explore your strengths

Build self-esteem by learning how to identify what’s truly important in your career, and how to stay motivated to reach your goals.

Network with like-minded women

Explore the free WORK180 Community forum, connect with other professionals, and access the latest advice and career resources.

In this free webinar, you will learn how to ask for what you want, protect what’s important to you and to make space for your responsibilities, interests, hobbies or even a side hustle!
Join Kate Boorer and Fiona Pearman, two of Australia’s best career coaches, as they support you to gain clarity of what you really want and share tips on how to create the work experience that honours all aspects of your life.
You’ll walk away with practical tools so that you can

  • Ask for what you want from a place of authentic power
  • Set and enforce boundaries
  • Have the time and space to pursue what matters most to you


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Meet the speakers

Kate Boorer & Fiona Pearman

Career Coaches

Kate & Fiona are co-founders of Quantum Impact Group and author’s of the book Core Confidence. Working with organizations, Kate & Fiona facilitate round-tables, webinars, workshops and leadership programs, including specific Women in Leadership engagements. 

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