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Frequently asked questions

How do I interpret my endorsement check results?

Your initial result email will let you know whether or not your company is eligible to be endorsed by WORK180. 

Our team will then be in touch to provide greater detail, discuss your company’s current diversity efforts, and identify ways in which we can help you become a truly great workplace for all women.

What happens if my company has passed?

Firstly, you should be proud! In 2021, only 50% of companies that applied met our endorsement standards. 

During your consultation call, our team will discuss your current diversity strategy. This will include your business objectives, resources, timelines, and how our endorsement can amplify these efforts.

What happens if my company has failed?

This simply means your company is currently not meeting the standards we require before we publicly promote it as a great workplace for all women. 

However, our expert team will help you identify actionable steps you can take to meet these standards. When you’re ready, you can retake the endorsement check. And remember, we don’t ask Endorsed Employers to be perfect — just committed to progress.

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