Gender Equity Sourcing Accreditation

Please submit your Gender Equity Sourcing Accreditation documents via this form so we can provide feedback in your retrospective session.

In order to receive GES accreditation you need to meet the minimum requirements:

  1. Complete and submit activity 2
  2. Attend the Retrospective session to discuss activity 2

This session is not recorded, so there is no catch-up for this session.

WORK180's Gender Equity Sourcing Accreditation badge

Activity submission

Accreditation program learning goals 

Understand the barriers women and underrepresented groups face when applying for roles

Learn what women are looking for in an employer before applying

Understand the right terminologies to use around diversity, equity and inclusion

Learn the elements of inclusive job advertisements

Compare best-practice job ads from other employers

Uncover tools recruiters can use to build best-in-class job ads

Engage with hiring managers and identify key questions for job ads

Understand how to effectively use employee quotes in job ads

Learn how to help hiring managers think more broadly about job ad criteria

Benefits of our Gender Equity Sourcing Accreditation

Women around the world

Increase the number of women and underrepresented groups applying to your job advertisements

Image of people talking

Be equipped with the latest DEI knowledge and practices when communicating with stakeholders and candidates

Build your credibility by showcasing your accreditation status in tenders, email signatures and professional profiles