Gender Equity Index

Helping employers measure, track, and prove their progress towards gender equity

Achieving true and sustained gender equity relies on many different factors working together. This makes it hard for organizations to focus their efforts and define success, but the WORK180 Gender Equity Index is here to help.

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The index provides clear indicators against which your organization can measure efforts towards gender equity

Informed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the indicators in the Gender Equity Index cover the following topics:

  • Women in leadership
  • Inclusive recruitment
  • Inclusive policies
  • Promoting shared responsibility
  • Equal pay for equal value of work
  • Intersectional efforts

The information you provide for each indicator will be scored and weighted according to how much it contributes to the achievement of gender equity. You’ll then receive a total score out of 100, which you can use to understand how your company measures up on a regional and global scale, identify actions for improvement, and track progress.

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Submit your company information

Each question will reveal how your company is currently tracking in relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals for gender equity.


Get your score, insights and advice

The WORK180 team will contact you within two working days to share your score, provide guidance and recommend actions.


Track, prove and benchmark progress

Use your score to track, prove, and eventually benchmark your progress against organizations in your industry and around the world.

Ready to calculate your score?

To ensure you’re indexed correctly, we need to ask you questions in relation to the region your company operates in. Please select your region to open the relevant form in a new window. 

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to complete the Gender Equity Index survey?

The survey itself is simple to complete — all fields require either a number or a yes/no response. In fact, depending on the information you have readily available, it can be completed within five minutes.

What if I can't answer a question?

Don’t worry, the index’s scoring methodology does not penalize companies by deducting points for indicators that are left blank. You’ll simply receive zero points for blank answers and a lower score until you are able to provide a response.

Need help determining how to capture the necessary information? Our expert team members are happy to help — just get in touch.

What will happen once I submit my company’s information?

Your score will be calculated and provided by one of our team members within two working days. As a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) expert, they will be able to advise you on how to amplify your current efforts towards gender equity. If your score is particularly high, they will also share ways in which you can promote, celebrate, and start to benefit from your company’s current efforts.

Eventually, we hope to publish both regional and industry-based indexes that will help everyone further contextualise their results. Find out more about our privacy policy and terms of use.

Will I be able to compare my score with other companies?

Right now, we’re working with companies on an individual basis to help them understand how they score and what actions they can be taking to move forward.

Eventually, we’d like to offer the index as a tool for benchmarking your company against the wider industry to add more depth and context to the business case for progress.

What if our company gets a low score on the Gender Equity Index?

Your company may not be perfect, but participating will provide you with the clear measurements it needs to track and prove its progress towards gender equity — and that’s what matters.

Will my company’s name be publicly displayed on the Gender Equity Index?

People don’t expect companies to be perfect, but they do expect them to be committed to progress. Sharing your results (even if there’s work to be done) is a great way of publicly pledging this commitment. However, we understand that not all organizations feel ready or able to do this.

While we would like to eventually benchmark the scores of all companies who participate, any company that does not provide explicit consent will only be indexed anonymously.

Why align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

Without a goal, it’s hard to score. The clear targets and deadlines offered by the UN Sustainable Development Goals provide a universal way of benchmarking vital social and economic progress.

Is gender equality the same as gender equity?

Gender equality is the fair treatment across all genders. However, this can only be achieved when we recognize that some genders need more support to overcome many workplace barriers.

Gender equity understands everyone has different circumstances, lived experiences and needs. Equity, therefore, allocates resources and opportunities needed to help individuals thrive and succeed.