Commitment to Gender Equity

A WORK180 feature campaign

Achieving gender equity is about more than leveling salaries. This campaign highlights three of the key areas where employers can positively contribute to gender equity.

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About this campaign

In partnership with some of our Endorsed Employers, this campaign focused on three critical areas that organizations must invest in if they are serious about achieving gender equity:

  • Women in leadership

  • The gender pay gap

  • Promoting shared responsibility

Women in leadership

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Pursuing a leadership position? Get a promotion instead of leaving

Companies can’t afford to lose women leaders. We spoke to 18 women thriving in leadership positions across a range of our Endorsed Employers. By sharing their personal stories, they aim to encourage you to speak up and pursue your goals of progressing your career while spending time on what’s most important to you.

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Companies you should join to make it to the top

Meet the organizations actively removing the barriers preventing women from being hired, promoted, or thriving in management positions. Their actionable plans go beyond ‘good intentions’, and you can explore them in this article.

The gender pay gap

Steps leading employers are taking to address the gender pay gap

Is the gender pay gap a myth? Unfortunately, it’s not; it’s so real and present that women are losing around $900,000 throughout their careers — not to mention the impact on their retirement savings.

Job seekers of all genders have the power to challenge and change this unfortunate truth by applying for roles with companies that are truly committed to closing this gap. To help make this happen, we spoke to some of WORK180’s Endorsed Employers who are leading the change and asked them to reveal what actions they have taken so far.

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Promoting shared responsibility

Two parents juggling two kids

Gender-neutral parental leave to balance unpaid work

On average, a woman in Australia will dedicate 16 more hours per week to unpaid work than a man. Gender-neutral parental leave is a policy embraced by many of WORK180’s Endorsed Employers and it’s having a powerfully positive impact on the home and work lives of their employees. How so? That’s exactly what we asked the real-life employees in this article.

Diagram showing uneven distribution of unpaid work between genders

Redistributing unpaid work: the change starts at... work

You may have heard that ‘gender equity starts at home’, but any worthy employer knows that the workplace is where it really begins, and the very best among them are taking real action to implement progressive policies that support and promote the fair and equal distribution of responsibilities and opportunities.

Featured Endorsed Employers

Bain & Co.
Bendigo & Adelaide Bank
Commonwealth Bank
CS Energy

DHL Express
Hutchison Ports UK
J.P. Morgan

Philip Morris International
South East Water

Toyota Motor Corporation Australia
Western Power
Woolworths Group