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Stillbirth Foundation Australia


The Stillbirth Foundation Australia was established in 2005 to raise funds to reduce the incidence and impact of stillbirth through research, education and advocacy.

Since then, we have allocated over $1.4 million to fund vital research into the causes and prevention of stillbirth and best-practice support of families of stillborn babies. The Foundation is 100% community funded and recognised nationally as a leading voice on stillbirth.

Six babies are stillborn each day in Australia, which is a staggering statistic that has not changed in 20 years. That means every year, nearly 2,200 families are faced with an unimaginable task of rebuilding their lives after the devastating loss of their much-loved and anticipated baby, and in some cases, babies.

As we know from our 2016 economic impact report, presenteeism and absenteeism are two of the most pernicious effects of stillbirth when parents return to work before they are ready. Companies should have clear policies in place for all types of child loss.

In 2018, Stillbirth Foundation forged a partnership with WORK180, and we established a corporate registry that recognises and acknowledges employers who have clear guidelines in their employee policies and provide equal paid leave for all parents, including those impacted by the tragedy of stillbirth.

As part of our work around advocacy, Stillbirth Foundation also provides a range of help and support resources for parents and their family, friends and colleagues, including return to work guidance and communication guidelines for managers.

As an entirely community funded foundation, we gladly accept corporate and individual donations, and invite organisations to add the Stillbirth Foundation to their workplace giving programs.

Contact Stillbirth Foundation on (02) 9557 9070 or email to find out how you can get involved.