Transforming employee engagement and retention during workplace transitions

About triiyo

triiyo is an employee-centric, connectivity platform that simplifies the way people connect and communicate during workplace transitions such as parental leave, retirement planning, and mental health leave.

Focused on employee wellbeing, engagement, and retention – organizations can prioritize the employee experience by supporting managers and employees via automated tailored communication flows, communities, and expertly curated content.

The platform provides a safe space for employees to confidentially access support, connect and share information during life-changing events throughout the employee lifecycle.


Help break stigmas related to parental leave
Dads in Australia WANT to take parental leave. It can lead to better relationships with their partner, strengthens the father-child bond leaving babies physically and mentally healthier, dads are also happier when they come to work and it supports gender equality in the workplace. 

Pep talks with triiyo
triiyo chats to their expert partners for advice on how to best navigate common, complex and often messy life stages that happen during our working career. Listen in as they connect the dots between life and work with the simple aim of education and empowerment.

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