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Support opportunities in data for women throughout their career. Build a welcoming and empowering community. Inspire change and thought leadership across the industry.

About Women in Data

Women in Data was created in 2015, when our founder noticed the lack of women representation as she began her journey into data. Concerned about the prospect of gender equality in a data-driven future, the first chapter of Women in Data was launched.

We have since shaped Women in Data to the global community we are today. A place for data enthusiasts of all backgrounds to connect, grow, and lead together.

Our mission since day one has been to increase diversity in data careers because we know representation and participation of all kinds matters, especially in growing, in-demand roles across data and technology.

At our core, we want to achieve gender equality and empower women and girls in the field of data. Unfortunately, gender parity remains far off around the world. Whether it’s often carrying the burden of unpaid work (hello moms everywhere) or not being made aware or given the same opportunities as men, women are still falling behind. 



Join our global community. A place for data enthusiasts of all backgrounds to connect, grow, and lead together


Mentorship: Our mentorship is a 6-month, fully remote program available for free to members, and is designed to help women flourish in their careers. Mentorship cohorts are available throughout the year.

Career Services: Our career services and resources are here to help you find a new job opportunity, prepare for an interview, and connect with recruiters and hiring teams.

Life Coaching: We provide a platform to help you live your best personal and professional life through guided self-reflection and continual personal development. Receive personalized coaching from top professional women!

Portfolio Builder: Learn how to build a project portfolio in data analytics or machine learning.

Learning Paths & Certifications: Learning is more fun when it’s done with your friends. Our Learning Pathways and virtual study groups are an opportunity to practice and strengthen your skills in data analysis, data science, or machine learning with other WiD members.


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“Many thanks to WiD for providing a vibrant, welcoming community full of encouragement and growth while I navigate this exciting journey into data!”

— Julie Barrett, Women in Data Member