July 14, 2022

3 Guilt-free tips for moms to find work-life balance

work-life balance

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Being a mom can be one of the most rewarding experiences – but sometimes it can feel like you’re being stretched in all directions! Leaving us with the $64,000 question; is it possible to thrive in your career, be a great mom, and maintain who you are? 

We spoke with Stephanie Nugent, Senior People & Capability Advisor at Sedgman – a leading provider of minerals processing and infrastructure solutions to the global resources industry to find out the answer. 

Stephanie started her career as a Human Resources (HR) graduate, working her way all the way up to her current leadership position. She’s worked in various industries from manufacturing and mining to transport and logistics. Throughout her career, she’s received onsite experience, completed stints in the Bowen Basin, and a six-month FIFO secondment to Papua New Guinea. 

Oh, and she’s also a brand new mom! 

work-life balance

“You can definitely still be a great mom and have a career,” said Stephanie. “I love that Sedgman provides great work-life balance and autonomy. Collaboration, inclusivity, and relationships are a key focus here.” 

In her role, she’s responsible for delivering pragmatic people solutions that assist with achieving the business’s strategic objectives. Her greatest passion is enhancing employees’ and leaders’ capabilities for them to perform effectively and grow in their roles. 

“HR is full of surprises sometimes. I love that no two days are the same and my role always keeps me on my toes. Sedgman is a great company to work – the work is dynamic, and I have formed great relationships.” 

Here are Stephanie’s top three tips to achieve the best work-life balance, enjoy motherhood, and thrive in your career. 

1. Make decisions with your support network

It’s tough to make big decisions in a vacuum. Which is why it’s helpful to make informed choices with input from the important people in your life – this could include family members, managers, or other people in your support network. 

Stephanie’s son was nine months old when she made the decision with her family to return to work full time. This saw her husband becoming the primary carer and taking three months of parental leave to support her returning to her role. 

“We made this decision because I love what I do and because Sedgman gave me the work-life balance that made it possible. Sedgman has a supportive approach, so I have the autonomy to work flexibly. This means I can see my son grow up and not feel like I’m missing out – which gets rid of the mom guilt!”  

2. Choose a supportive, flexible organization 

Of course, being part of a supportive workplace culture makes balancing work and life go more smoothly.  

As Stephanie shares, Sedgman offers 16 weeks of continuous paid leave to primary carers (with options for 16 weeks of full pay or 32 weeks at half pay). And partners receive two weeks of continuous paid leave too. 

“The new policy supported us as a family, allowing us to consider several financial options which matched our needs. Paid leave definitely made it less stressful, allowing me to focus on what really mattered, the preparation for being a first-time mom. Flexibility was the most important thing to me when I returned to work, and my manager and stakeholders were supportive of this. It made my decision to return so much easier.” 

Stephanie has also altered her work hours, so she can spend quality time with her son before and after work. 

“Sedgman provides great work-life balance and flexibility for people’s individual circumstances. There is no pressure or feeling guilty! We have a culture that’s focused on diversity and inclusion, and women’s participation across all levels.” 

Did you know Sedgman offers a range of flexible work policies, from job sharing and flexible hours to part-time work?

Find out other flexible working options that Sedgman have.

3. Carve out time for things you love

If you didn’t think Stephanie had enough on her plate already, she’s also studying! 

“As crazy as it sounds, yes – I’m completing another bachelor’s degree, this time in psychology. I study part-time but my team and stakeholders are very understanding and flexible when I have exams. I have two units left before I graduate.” 

In closing, Stephanie’s main focus is spending quality time with her family.  

work-life balance

“Even though our son is growing up so quickly, I still make a conscious effort to spend time with those that are so precious to me – my family and friends.”

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