Free webinar: Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024

How to unleash your potential and unlock paths to professional success

Wednesday, 6 March 2024, 12 PM AEDT

Online via the free WORK180 Forum

We’d love for you to join us!

This webinar will be hosted in the *FREE* WORK180 community! This community is completely free and a place you can ask difficult questions, as well as support each other

Negotiating flexible working that works for you

Why attend

Level up with a career expert

Engage with Deborah, career expert, and learn how to maximize your career potential and reach your goals.

Explore your strengths

Build self-esteem by learning how to identify what’s truly important in your career, and how to stay motivated to reach your goals.

Network with like-minded women

Explore the free WORK180 Community forum, connect with other professionals, and access the latest advice and career resources.

Are you ready to elevate your career to new heights? In alignment with the International Women’s Day 2024 theme “Count Her In: Accelerating Gender Equality Through Economic Empowerment,” our event focuses on cultivating your unique gifts and talents you can use to transform your career.
  • Actionable strategies and roadmaps to navigate career transitions and challenges
  • How to find your purpose and fulfilment in your career and life
  • How to understand your gifts and use them to your advantage
Whether you’re considering a career change, aiming for advancement, or seeking to redefine your professional path, this webinar is designed to empower you with the knowledge and inspiration needed to transform your career.



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Meet the speaker

Deborah Tyson

As a former winner of the Australian Capital Territory Businesswoman of the Year Award, the ACT Chief Minister’s Award for Innovation, and the founder of award-winning businesses Brave Design Group and Eatsmart Food, Deborah Tyson enjoys continued success as an industry spokesperson and business leader. She is an avid speaker, blogger and radio show guest in Australia and internationally.

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