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November 14, 2022
job success

No job ad is usually complete without a list of benefits on offer for you if you take the role. These lists often include things like health benefits, career development opportunities, a fun and supportive culture. But have you ever wondered what the reality of these benefits really looks like?

We spoke with Bethan Moyse about her experience of working at American Express, and how the opportunities provided to her have helped her career thrive. 

She’s currently a Manager in the FX International Payments team, leading a Central Acquisition team. And if tenure is something that inspires your confidence – she’s been part of American Express for twelve years!

“My favorite part of my role is the people I work with. I learn so much from them! I’m fortunate to have a great network of talented women role models across the business.” 

Amex recognizes your transferrable skills 

Changing industries is never easy. So, if you’re looking to make a successful career pivot, your ability to build a new career path could hinge on finding a company that recognizes diverse career backgrounds and transferrable skills. 

Bethan’s career journey, for one, started on an unexpected path. 

“I began in a combination of hospitality, telesales, and door-to-door sales roles. These experiences helped me pivot into leading sales teams at Amex. I’ve stayed in the same business unit since I joined Amex, but I’ve had the opportunity to experience a variety of roles – including individual sales contributor, back-office, operational, and commercial teams. I started to take on leadership roles about ten years ago and currently lead our FX International Payments Sales team.”

A self-described motivated, ambitious professional, it’s meant a lot for Bethan to receive so much support from Amex’s leaders, team members, and inclusive culture.   

“My colleagues have become mentors. Team members are always happy to help me learn about their roles and understand how I can collaborate with them. Our culture of feedback has allowed me to shape my career direction.”

So far, the one constant in her ever-changing role has been learning.

“Before joining, when I was looking to make a change, I wanted to find a place where I could develop. Amex is a globally recognized brand, known for backing its people and holding an important place in our community – so, it was an easy choice!” 

Amex has supported her in developing key skills, including leadership and project management which has led her to drive for diversity in sales teams, and help more women’s talent shine. 

“I’ve been fortunate to lead several change initiatives above my day-to-day role. It’s allowed me to stretch my abilities, while creating a positive environment, and consistently learn new things.” 

Their people really live their values  

If your values are a fundamental part of who you are, finding other like-minded people can have a huge impact supporting you on your journey.  

“I respect, understand, and connect with our company values, which guide how we operate each day – they give me a sense of belonging. And that’s only ever increased the longer I’ve been here.” 

Bethan’s favorite value at Amex is ‘we win as a team’. 

“You could be hitting your individual goals or working in a team, but it’s true – we achieve so much more together than we do alone. It could be sharing best practices or having your colleague’s back; there’s always ways we can learn and help each other succeed.” 

On a closer level, her team embodies the company value: doing it the right way. 

“We live this value every day. It relates to how we connect with our customers, and all the ways we protect the business. For example, cross-coaching calls are so helpful. We listen, share best practices, and can provide feedback. These sessions are co-led by team members which creates a positive environment of peer-peer coaching.”  

Professional and personal well-being

Bethan values Amex’s professional development, total rewards, and holistic well-being benefits. 

Amex invests in its colleagues growth and offers everyday learning experiences so they can deliver their best, individually and as a team. 

“I regularly participate in Amex’s training opportunities, as well as our community volunteering schemes to develop skills, network, and give back. Our healthcare benefits are also a huge plus! We can receive dental cover, healthy-mind support, and access to a digital app for doctor’s appointments.” 

Work-life balance is another stand-out.  

“I’m lucky to work for a company that values work-life balance at its core. Amex Flex helps me balance working in the office and connecting in-person with my colleagues in London, with my personal time, hobbies, and exercise – such important things for mental and physical health.” 

Amex offers a range of opportunities for community engagement and employee support – including an employee assistance program, annual paid volunteer days, and more.

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Get WISE to their rewards 

If other benefits like reward and recognition are also meaningful to you, organizations that prioritize these could be a huge piece of your career puzzle.   

Bethan is grateful Amex champions internal and external awards. 

She’s proud to have been recognized by the American Express President’s Club Leadership award (which recognizes top sales performers), for her extensive work launching a new payment solution.

“It took a year to create and required collaboration with several stakeholders and business units to bring to market. Being recognized by this award was a huge highlight, and something that will stay with me forever.” 

Amex also takes part in WISA’s prestigious Women in Sales Awards

job success

“I was fortunate to be a finalist in WISA 2019 for the ‘Best Woman in Business Development’ award. My four UK colleagues, who were finalists in other categories, and I came together to mentor each other. Through the co-mentoring, we realized we all shared a passion for driving gender diversity in the workplace. So, we created a committee to expand on this by co-founding WISE (Women in Sales Excellence).”

WISE is made up of a group of colleagues with one mission ‘Attract and promote women talent into the Sales profession’. Sales is an integral part of all businesses however it is still heavily male-dominated within a lot of companies. WISE is a voluntary led group and made up of colleagues that share the same passion to make a change in this industry.

“We’ve expanded recognition for WISA’s awards throughout our leadership teams and created a mentorship program for finalists. It helps people develop in areas such as public speaking, elevator pitches, and connecting with external audiences.” 

Being part of this group has enabled Bethan to pursue her passion. 

“I’m passionate about driving diversity because our customer base and the world we live in is diverse. We believe our teams should reflect this. I’m thrilled Amex has partnered with WORK180 because it’s a great opportunity to support that mission.” 

Connect with supportive, inspiring mentors 

Opportunities to build relationships with supportive mentors and team members can make a big difference in helping you find your ‘career feet.’

“There are so many inspiring women and role models who come in all forms at Amex – leaders, mentors, colleagues. They each bring something unique to the table, genuinely have your back, inspire you to succeed, and help you believe in yourself.”

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