November 29, 2021

How to engage tech customers with the human touch – Cenitex

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Burnout. Motherhood. Tough conversations. Sometimes, balancing work and life can feel like a superhuman effort! But if there’s one thing Jordy Ughetti, Head of Customer Experience at Cenitex has realized, it’s that at the end of the day, we’re all human. And it’s the human touch that makes working in a digital world all the more special.

“I love working with and understanding people to deliver valuable experiences,” said Jordy.

“For the first decade of my career, I found my spark and grew my customer, marketing, strategy and leadership skills with Sportsgirl, Witchery, Westfield and Virgin group. (The clothes were fun too!). 

“I travelled Australia and the world, working on some massive initiatives, including leading an international team through a global rebrand for Virgin that spanned 185 countries in 15 languages. My early career was a fantastic, opportunity-rich and challenging time.” 

Now, in her current role at Cenitex, an organization centralizing Information Communication Technology (ICT) support to Victoria’s state government, Jordy uses her incredible people skills to connect with employees and customers and find ways to provide greater experiences. A warm, big-hearted and seriously fun professional, her love of tech and passion for social good creates a special combination – and she isn’t shy about rocking pigtails to work and broaching tough subjects.

“I lead brand and customer experience transformations for government and commercial organizations. This involves working with CEOs, senior leaders and whole organizations to understand customers, develop meaningful strategies and grow sustainable business outcomes. Some of the conversations we have are about difficult topics and can make people uncomfortable. But I’ve found that no matter who I talk to, the team at Cenitex and our customers are really open to my approach, and of me as a person. I think there’s a lot to be said about that.”

Getting comfortable in your own skin might not happen overnight. And as Jordy can attest: chasing sexy work opportunities isn’t always sexy in practice! So, if you work in tech and digital transformation, check out her tips to connect with people, while still being authentically and unapologetically yourself. 

Ditching superficial glamour for genuine workplace culture

“I always thought I wanted to be a fashion editor, but now I’m less interested in glamorous workplaces. I care about how I feel in a workplace and opportunities to make a positive impact.”

It’s clear Cenitex takes a proactive, progressive approach to diversity and inclusion. In fact, they employed Jordy while she was heavily pregnant. For her, this spoke volumes about her boss and the organization’s inclusive culture. 

“I was amazed at how thoughtful, human and respectful the team was. There was a clear exchange of values. The biggest gift I get here is being part of an accepting culture. I don’t feel like I have to choose between my family, myself and my work. I get to unite people and be myself.” 

Not only does she feel welcome by the people at Cenitex, Jordy loves how the culture is represented in the physical environment too:  a beautiful office with city views, and a wellness room for her to breastfeed, pump or even do the occasional yoga stretch.

“I try to prioritize my wellbeing while still being a human, mama, wife, daughter, friend, employee and coach – sometimes all at the same time. Work can be challenging, but you gotta have fun with it. Being able to see the positive impact you can make is important.”

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Matching work with life goals

For the majority of her career, Jordy admits chasing ideals. And while this has served her well, listening to her intuition has solidified what meaningful work is to her. 

“At one point in my career, in the thick of leadership, traveling and working across multiple time zones, I reached burnout. It was scary. But I reconnected with myself through movement and deep introspection. I always thought it was mumbo jumbo, but now I’ve been practicing these things for years and I realize it’s so powerful. It also helps being able to talk things out with people in your support network.” 

While juggling responsibilities can always be an ongoing challenge, it was deep introspection that led her to her passion for social good and public service. 

“My goal is to help people and organizations feel good and thrive with purpose. Everyday choices can add up to make a big, positive impact in the world. This includes everything to do with how we behave, who we help and how we work together to nurture ourselves and each other.” 

In the midst of finding this balance, Jordy still carves out the time to read 50 books a year – especially Harry Potter, which she rereads every year and even wrote her university thesis on! If you’re after recommendations from a reading buff, Jordy loves human stories providing context for life, including books from thought leaders like Simon Sinek and Brené Brown. 

Why the human touch is so important in tech

It’s the human element and connecting with people on a deeper level that makes working in digital transformation so rewarding for her.   

“As humans, we’re hardwired for connection. That’s why my work makes me excited.” 

“At the end of the day, we aren’t solving technology problems – we’re connecting humans with the right solutions, so they can better serve the community.”

On that note, Jordy believes you shouldn’t have to dull yourself down to suit a role. Letting go of what other people think has been one of her best life learnings. 

“I used to think a career of corporate dressing and glamour was what I wanted. Now, ‘sexy’ isn’t something I value anymore. What’s important is going to bed each night being comfortable with who I am and the outcomes I’ve achieved. That’s what’s important.” 

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Our transparent job board only has vacancies from employers we endorse and lets you see what benefits, policies and perks come with the job. Check out the latest job vacancies with Cenitex