How to run 10km, host a TV show, & still make the school pick-up

July 31, 2023
work-life balance

In today’s digital era, data has become the lifeblood of businesses; driving strategic decisions and delivering actionable insights. But who’s driving the data revolution? 

People, of course! 

It’s talented industry professionals, like Janice Remedios, who are making a real difference – stepping outside their comfort zone, one ‘byte’ at a time! 

A working mom and aspiring marathon runner, with a background in data and tech, Janice has been with technology solutions provider NetApp for nearly a year. She applies her passion for pushing the envelope to both her professional and personal pursuits.

a photo of Janice

“Throughout my career, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have encountered countless opportunities that have enabled me to grow and learn new skills – but the one constant has been technology and data.”

We spoke with her about data, and what it’s like being a working parent, hosting her own TV series, and connecting with other thought leaders in the field. 

Pivot points 

Like many working professionals, Janice has experienced her fair share of career pivots. 

“I began my career working for chartered accounting firms in IT and auditing roles. Following this, I moved to Telstra, where I led a ‘big data’ team, honing my data analytics and leadership skills, before moving on to civil engineering firm, Service Stream, to establish their reporting and cloud capabilities.” 

Next, she branched into freelancing, assisting companies with their data strategy and technology decisions. But an opportunity with NetApp caught her eye. 

“When the opportunity at NetApp presented itself, I was eager to find out more. Despite my limited experience in sales and storage solutions, they were able to look beyond this to the fresh perspective I could bring and truly valued how my skills would complement the existing expertise within the team.” 

Her extensive background in data and technology made her the perfect candidate not only to help grow the company’s capability in analytics and AI, but also for one of NetApp’s exciting thought leadership initiatives… a TV series! 

Establishing new networks 

As a professional in the ever-evolving tech space, Janice was excited to gain a role with a company leading the field, pioneering solutions, and sharing insights with others. 

She joined NetApp as Data Thought Leader and Host of ‘All About Data’ – the company’s TV series, published on LinkedIn and NetApp TV. Each episode features 10-minute guest interviews with thought leaders in the data space across a wide range of companies, industries, and backgrounds. 

a photo of Janice

“Venturing into social media content creation wasn’t a leap I’d ever anticipated taking. However, it’s given me the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and connect with exceptional leaders in my field, whom I wouldn’t have necessarily met otherwise. I’ve also had a lot of fun hosting… although, I’m still nervous every time we hit ‘record’,” she laughs.  

The series is just one way the company contributes to driving the industry, supporting individuals to grow their knowledge, and empowering companies to harness the power of data and tech. 

See how NetApp supports team members with flexible start-finish times, remote work opportunities, paid leave options, and more.

Check out NetApp’s benefits and policies.

Inputs and outputs 

Outside work, Janice is a passionate runner: “I started running two years ago, initially using an app called Couch To 5K. By the end of year one, I was able to run 10 kilometers. By the end of year two, I ran seven half-marathons in 14 weeks. My goal is to one day run a full marathon.” 


She realized she had joined a company that would support her and her interests after only a few short weeks. 

“Not long after starting, I was invited to represent NetApp at an AI conference in Sydney. When my Sydney colleagues (whom I was yet to meet) heard about my trip, they organized a team fun run over Sydney Harbour Bridge!” 

Better yet, she discovered her new leader was passionate about hiking and mountain climbing. 

“Given my love of running, I knew I’d found the perfect leader for me – someone who would understand and relate to my passions outside of work.” 

Building on these experiences was her realization that she’d joined a values-driven, people-centric company.  

Good infrastructure

As Janice shares, it’s NetApp’s values and human-centered approach that has meant the most to her. The company values the unique capabilities and individuality of its people and customers alike. 

work-life balance

“At no point did I feel the pressure to conform to a predetermined mould. Instead, I was empowered to leverage my strengths and make a meaningful impact within my area of expertise. The environment provides ample opportunities for both personal growth and continuous learning.”

Perhaps surprisingly, and despite being a large and well-established company, NetApp still has a ‘start-up’ feel in Australia. 

“It’s a small, close-knit team. Our workplace culture is really open to questioning the status quo and welcoming new ideas.” 

Having a values-driven company roadmap is what makes her feel proud. 

“We believe in, share, and live our values every day. It means putting our customers at the centre, caring for our communities, embracing a growth mindset, building belonging, and thinking and acting like owners.” 

Human-centered initiatives 

For the NetApp team, people are at the heart of everything they do. 

When it comes to caring for the community, the company actively promotes and supports people through its program, NetApp Serves. 

“To make a meaningful program like this successful, it takes a big dose of humility, kindness, and an unwavering commitment to giving back to the communities of which we are a part of.” 

NetApp Serves program also provides every employee up to $1,000 USD per year in charitable-matched donations, and an additional five days of volunteer leave that can be used towards volunteering in the community.

Janice also loves how team members are also encouraged to embrace a ‘growth mindset’ – that is, to continuously learn, question, and seek unique perspectives (and never assume you know it all!). 

a photo of Janice and her partner

“We step out of our comfort zone, even when it’s scary, and learn from both our failures and our successes.”

Additionally, the company values building belonging for its people every day. 

“We embed diversity and inclusion into every decision we make and provide space for unique perspectives. Inclusivity starts from the top, and it’s clear to see throughout every level of the organization.” 

“As an example, NetApp introduced its ‘Thrive Everywhere’ program, to facilitate flexible work arrangements. We’re encouraged to find the best hybrid approach to meet our customers, teams, and individual needs.” 

This means individuals’ work is based on performance and results – not where and when they do it. As a working parent, Janice appreciates the flexibility to do a school drop-off, or attend an event at her son’s school, but at the same time is happy to jump onto the occasional Zoom call with global colleagues outside of traditional working hours.

Shaping tomorrow

As a tech company, NetApp believes in the solutions it provides to enable global organizations and industries to do more with their data, especially in machine learning and AI. 

“The technology is an enabler for our clients, for example, in healthcare to identify and find treatments for disease at faster rates than ever possible. In the car industry, with vehicle sensors that enable autonomous driving or provide insights for governments to develop smart cities. 

“Then there’s our numerous data solutions that are supporting companies with other digital-age necessities like: data storage, disaster recovery, and data movement across hybrid multi-cloud environments. The possibilities and use of data and technology are endless. It’s inspiring.” 

So, if you have experience, or are an aspiring data and tech professional, Janice has this to share: 

“Join NetApp! Bring your whole self to work, experience and deliver fresh opinions and ideas, and speak your mind. You’ll be truly welcomed and supported.” 

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