Stuck in your career? The rewards of trying something new

March 2, 2023
stuck in your career

“I took a chance on a job in my current industry while I was figuring things out. Turned out I really enjoyed working in the industry. And the rest is history.”

Not everyone can say the same thing about their careers. 

But for Jasmin Perry – a Customer Success Manager at Rockwell Automation – trying new things has always been part of her success. 

In fact, not only is she on track to progress to senior leadership roles, but she’s also doing it in an industry vastly different from what she envisioned.

“My high school self would probably say, ‘What happened?! I thought you were going to be an event manager!’ I would say to her, ‘Keep an open mind, everything happens for a reason.’”

When you combine the courage to try new things with a company truly committed to supporting your growth, great things can happen.

Here’s how it did for Jasmin.

stuck in your career

Switching careers

For the longest time, Jasmin thought she would end up in a different industry and have another career.

“I was previously in the events and hospitality industry, which now feels like a lifetime ago. After school, I studied event management and got a job in the industry. But due to personal circumstances at the time, I needed to leave my place of employment.”

Unsure of what to do next or what path to take, Jasmin decided to try her luck in a different industry. 

It was a gutsy move – but one that ultimately paid off.

“I initially entered the industrial automation industry around eleven years ago as a sales administrator. I completed some studies in Automation & Process Control then moved to a Sales Support Engineer role. Eventually, I got promoted to a team leadership role.”

She found her groove in the automation industry, doing work that was both rewarding and challenging. 

But she didn’t stop there. 

Jasmin wanted to keep advancing in her career while working in a company where she could truly feel at home.

And she found it at Rockwell Automation.

Taking another chance

Following her initial success in industrial automation, Jasmin made another leap by moving to Rockwell Automation.

jasmin family

“I joined Rockwell in 2017 as a Key Account Manager and looked after key Food & Beverage and OEM accounts across Queensland. I did this for three years before going on parental leave for 12 months. After returning, I took on my new role as a Customer Success Manager.”

From the outside, it seems like a standard transfer from one company to another. 

But Jasmin’s move to Rockwell Automation proved to make a bigger impact on her life than she ever expected.

For starters, the company took a chance on Jasmin the same way she did on them.

“When I took on my first role as Key Account Manager, I was new to external sales. But they gave me a shot. Rockwell hired me based on my capability rather than just my experience.”

And it worked. 

Jasmin flourished, expanding her skills and gaining new experiences with the challenges the role brought. As for Rockwell, they found someone who excelled in the field and delivered. 

In fact, Jasmin did so well that she was nominated for “Rising Star of the Year” in the Women in Industry Awards in 2019.

But for Jasmin, what truly made the jump worth it was the support she received from the company and her colleagues – both professionally and personally.

It was something she felt from the day she started.

“On my first day, all the people in my team and office were extremely welcoming and accommodating. Even my colleagues in other states were very easy to approach and work with. Every person I spoke to was always willing to offer support or help wherever needed.”

And that, as Jasmin would soon find out, was just the beginning.

Rockwell Automation offers flexible working arrangements.

Learn more

Settling in a vibrant home

Making a new employee feel welcome is one thing but continuing to support their growth and ambitions several years later is another.

And in that aspect, Rockwell Automation exceeded Jasmin’s expectations.

In Rockwell, Jasmin found a company that continually invested in her development and was proactive in her personal and professional development.

jasmin rockwell

“During my time as Key Account Manager, the company financially supported me in completing a number of professional development courses to assist with growing my skill set.”

Management also worked closely with Jasmin to plan her career path.

“As part of my professional development plan, when new roles became available in my area of interest, Rockwell proactively reached out to me to explore the opportunities further. This made me feel like a valued member of the organization.”

Later when she had her first child and completed her parental leave, Jasmin returned to a working arrangement that worked for both sides.

jasmin family

“When I came back to work, they supported me with a four-day work week to accommodate my needs as a first-time mother and achieve work-life balance.”

Even her transition to her current role was initiated and encouraged by the company. 

“My new role is a side step. I always had an interest to get into the Lifecycle Services side of the business (previously, I was in direct sales). This was part of my development plan prior to going on parental leave. When the role popped up while I was on leave, the company reached out to me to see if I was interested. The timing worked out perfectly as I was nearing the end of my leave.”

Looking back on her career at Rockwell, Jasmin is grateful to have found such a supportive and collaborative company.

“Before I started at Rockwell, I had the impression it would be a vibrant place to work in. They proved me right.”

The rewards of trying something new

Today, Jasmin continues to thrive in her role and find new ways to grow, lead, and help others. 

She plays an active role in the company’s Global Voices Committee, which launches initiatives every year to maintain and improve employee satisfaction. Past campaigns include campaigns for improving work-life balance and better recognition of employees’ performances and achievements.

But more than her accomplishments in the industry, the greatest benefit of trying new things for Jasmin has been finding her place professionally and feeling comfortable in her career path.

jasmin family

“When I first joined the industry, I used to underestimate myself all the time. Coming from an industry that was predominantly women and entering an industry that was predominantly men was intimidating. I think this is what made me feel like I always had to go that extra mile. So, it is a great feeling to be recognized and supported for my efforts.”

She adds:

“I’ve learned to never underestimate myself.”

If you’re thinking about changing careers or industries, remember that like Jasmin, trying something different might turn out better than you expected – especially if you work with a company that always has your back.

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