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Rockwell Automation

About us

We touch your lives everyday… think about the food you love, your favourite theme park rides and your smartphones.  We made these possible by combining the imaginations of people with the potential of machines.  

Rockwell Automation is a global leader in industrial automation and digital transformation. We bring the Connected Enterprise to Life by linking people, machines and data across an entire business, making them more effective at what they do. From improving the production of medicines that boost human health to reducing waste in automotive production, the work we do changes how we live. We help the world work better and people work smarter.  And we’re looking for bright minds to make that happen — the makers, the forward thinkers, the problem solvers. 

A career at Rockwell will help you expand what’s possible for the world — and for yourself. Being part of a global organisation, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with smart and diverse people and gain expertise from around the world to broaden your experiences inside and outside of work. We encourage each member of our team to chart a path based on interests they want to pursue and skills they want to build. 

For the makers, innovators, and problem-solvers who believe in creating what’s possible, we offer a dynamic community where you can build a thriving career through solving complex, real-world problems that expand human possibility. The possibilities are in your hands! Join us.

Expanding Human Possibility

In every interaction, we want people to hear, sense and feel what makes Rockwell Automation unique.

Our People

Whether you’re designing user interfaces or customer experiences, writing algorithms or web copy, answering questions from customers or employees, at Rockwell Automation you’ll have the opportunity to make an impact and push things beyond what most think is possible. When you join us, you gain 24,500 global colleagues in more than 100 countries. We come from all walks of life, but share a single purpose: to help industrial companies and their people be more productive and sustainable.

One way we do this is through our investment in a common set of learning and development tools and assessments that are enterprise-wide to enable a fully automated and integrated talent ecosystem to grow and retain talent. Every year, we survey our employees to learn more about how they view our culture and what drives them to connect with our organization.

We also offer several benefits to retain our talent, including flexible work hours, expanded parental leave, and volunteering support. Additionally, mentorship is an important component of department-based or informally led development plans, and we provide resources, including our mentor guidebook, for all Rockwell employees. Our 14 Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are another way we better connect employees from around the world with similar passions and interests. Additionally, we’ve launched a sponsorship program through our talent review process to purposefully connect diverse talent with sponsors within the organization for continued career growth and development.

Makers Wanted

We are living our larger purpose as a company. Whatever happens in the world around us, who we are and how we help our customers and our people never waivers. We bring together the imaginations of people with the potential of technology to expand what is humanly possible, making the world more intelligent, more connected and more productive.

Join Us | Makers Wanted

If you are a maker, an innovator, problem solver, or builder, we invite you to join our team so together we can help our customers and our world work better