July 21, 2022

Why I became a return employee to EY

Returning employees

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“I found myself standing on the ferry at Circular Quay, staring at the EY building, wondering why I’d left. I started my EY job hunt that evening.”

Thejani (TJ) De Silva had previously worked at EY in the Talent team before leaving to explore new opportunities within her industry – but three years later she realized she wanted to return. Now, as a manager within the People’s Advisory Services team, we asked what brought her back. . .

“The access to endless learning opportunities”

TJ says that “besides the fantastic reputation and brand,” the number one reason she loves working at EY is the focus on personal and professional development. 

“Since day one, I have been supported to get involved in things that I am interested in. Whether it has been learning opportunities, client work, or extra-curricular activities.”

Unfortunately, at the point when TJ realized she wanted to go back to EY after working elsewhere, there weren’t any roles available. 

But she soon found another way to realize her goal! 

“I came across the ‘Engage with EY’ program – a program designed for professional women who want to develop their skills, expand their mindset, grow their network, and consider a future with EY.”

After being accepted onto the program (and loving it!), an opportunity became available which saw her change careers from HR to Consulting. As she transitioned into the new role, TJ says she has felt fully supported and able to acquire the new skills she needs. 

Through in-house training, webinars, online learning modules, and invaluable on-the-job experience, TJ has been able to build on her leadership and business development capabilities, work in different sectors within EY, and has re-immersed herself in the EY culture.

“I haven’t previously experienced this much personal and professional development at previous companies – another huge benefit of working at EY and something I am very grateful of”

“I have such a fulfilling lifestyle.”

The flexibility at EY to work from home has also allowed TJ to return to the excellent work-life balance EY offers. 

“I get to work when/where it suits me, which means I’m able to do the things I love before work starts and then clock off to spend time with friends, watch some footy, or get ahead of my university lectures for the week.”

EY also gave TJ extra time off work to enjoy her engagement, wedding, and honeymoon. The leadership team also granted ‘EY unplugged’ days and additional COVID-19 leave, which really set them apart from other employers. 

Returning employees

Other wellbeing perks offered by EY include their “free Employee Assistance Program (EAP) program,” through which TJ sees “an incredible nutritionist” and has access to certified counsellors and other mental health professionals.

“The benefits and initiatives are innovative and exciting. I’m starting to see more ‘life’ than ‘work’ here but hey, that’s what happens when a company genuinely cares about its people!”

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“Every day I feel like I’m helping someone have a better experience.”

EY’s organization-wide purpose is “building a better working world,” and it is through working towards this aim that TJ feels she has been able to return to making a positive, real-world impact on the lives of others. 

“The work we do directly helps EY client’s employees and/or customers, and those employees and customers make up the society we live in. Whether it’s by creating a better working environment, fairer ways of working, more efficient ways of working, a safer environment, or a more rewarding and enjoyable environment, we are helping improve their experience.” 

Through her consultancy role, TJ works with a diverse range of clients – from Food Manufacturing and Healthcare to Infrastructure and Development, and Public Services. And through collaborating with so many different people and different companies, she says, “you become personally invested in wanting the best for each of them.” The brands she works with are brands that we all interact with every day, and TJ says this gives her work even more relevance.

Returning employees

“You start noticing that your daily experiences are touched by the brands and people you have worked with. That’s what I love about the work I do – the genuine connections you develop with people and the deeper sense of interconnectedness you feel with broader society.”

“I feel included, and I feel like I belong.”

When it comes to the culture, TJ has nothing but positive words to say about returning to the people and working environment at EY:  

“The culture at EY is fantastic. I get to work with intelligent, inclusive, and caring people. The leaders are transparent and honest; people will support you to achieve your career goals; the work is inspiring and rewarding; there’s so much flexibility; and the opportunities are endless.” 

Of course, she says, there are times when you need to work late to finish a project on a deadline, but even during those times she says it’s a very supportive experience: “I never felt alone and late nights were often shared with a colleague, so we did the work while also talking about life.”

With more than 700 offices in 150 countries worldwide, TJ says people would be surprised by how it actually feels to work at EY: 

“Although it’s a large global association of member firms, there’s so much autonomy, trust and transparency and the culture is fun, casual, and warm.”

Final words?

So, if you’ve ever found yourself standing and staring up at your workplace and wondering ‘what if I could work somewhere else?’ Maybe the building you need to be looking up to should have EY on it? For TJ that was definitely the case, and she hasn’t looked back.

“Take the leap! People are here to support you – so go ahead and give it a shot!”

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