March 4, 2022

Women at top at LV=GI


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Hailey Franklin-Burchell is the Head of Pricing Operations at Liverpool Victoria General Insurance Group (LV=GI). She’s been with LV=GI for almost ten years and has progressed through the business to a senior role showing that women in pricing can reach the stars! But her success shows that women in pricing can reach the stars!

What is pricing all about?

Hailey’s role entails ensuring the efficient and accurate delivery of rates and underwriting terms and conditions across LV=GI. Hailey’s responsible for establishing and overseeing a framework for this, along with ensuring effective controls and procedures are in place for accurate pricing and underwriting. She works closely with her Retail colleagues to monitor customer outcomes.

As Head of Pricing Operations, Hailey is responsible for managing the internal and external services required for rate and underwriting delivery, oversight of the pricing change agenda and leadership to ensure her team is engaged and empowered to deliver in their roles and live the company values.

In pricing, the team really has an impact on the business.

“The ability to react swiftly and safely to the market is critical to the success of our organization. My role enables this for our Pricing and Underwriting.”

How to know if pricing is for you

Hailey describes herself as outgoing and dependable, and personally, she knew she’d made the right decision to join LV=GI from day one.

“It’s very true that it’s about who you work with, and I’ve made life-long friends from the day I started.”

She also enjoys the interaction with the rest of the business in her role in Pricing. 

“The level of involvement with the wider business might surprise people. Pricing can be seen as a dark art but is a hugely collaborative process be it with Marketing, Underwriting, Operations.”

People can also mistakenly think that Pricing is all about maths, but Hailey didn’t even enjoy maths when she was younger! She says it’s so much more than maths.

“I’m involved in technology, strategy, innovation. I get to engage with people all around the business and help turn new propositions into a reality.”

LV also supports inclusion and belonging at work through a number of employee-led resource groups, and by supporting flexible work options

Check out more of their inclusion and diversity efforts here.


Hailey’s ten years at LV=GI are a glowing testament to it being a great place to work. 

“LV=GI is great at investing in its peoples’ development. I’ve had the opportunity to undertake training which has enabled me to move into new and exciting roles through my career.”

Hailey’s career development has been supported through her time with LV=GI through specific technical training. But, she shares,

“More important, though, is the willingness of LV=GI to support your development through exposure to new opportunities. I, myself have benefited from this recently when I’ve had the opportunity to take on additional responsibility for the Home, Pet and Travel portfolios. There is nothing quite like learning on the job with the full support of your manager and colleagues to help you succeed and widen your career options!”

Career advice from the top

One of Hailey’s biggest challenges has been recognizing that one person can’t do it all. 

“There is a constant balance between delivery and capacity and there’s always more that can be delivered than the capacity available. That’s part of running an efficient and focused organization.”

At LV=GI, though, Hailey says they have great people coming up with so many innovative and new opportunities that they are spoilt for choice. 

To others considering what to do next in their career, she shares,

“Be open to new opportunities and grab them! I’ve had a varied career path which has led me to where I am today. I couldn’t have mapped it out if I tried. You may not think you have the relevant skills or experience but if you have the right attitude help and support for your career will be there.”


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Looking for a new opportunity?

Our transparent job board only has vacancies from employers we endorse and lets you see what benefits, policies and perks come with the job. Check out the latest job vacancies with Liverpool Victoria General Insurance Group