Would your employer pay for your wedding?

April 10, 2024
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More than 127,000 marriages were registered in 2022, the busiest year for nuptials in Australian history. At the same time, workers are seeking out employers who offer additional flexibility and opportunities that promote a positive work-life balance.

Australia’s largest defence company BAE Systems Australia recently refreshed its Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and brand, shining a light on its enhanced flexibility and portfolio of leave entitlements and benefits, while promoting a career and life of Infinite Possibilities™.

One of the faces of the company’s Infinite Possibilities™ campaign is a young engineer Anika, who married her partner in 2023.

While Anika’s employer didn’t pay for her wedding per se, Anika made the most of three days of extra paid leave to tie the knot and undertake wedding planning and associated activities.

“What I love about working at BAE Systems is the flexibility and benefits provided to support important life events,” Anika says.

“I have free time to do things for myself; I have the advantage of a nine-day fortnight; I can still focus on my hobbies, my life, and everything else.

“I get a great sense of pride working for BAE, because BAE gives me the opportunity to pursue a lot of my passions, both professional and personally.”

Another star of the Infinite Possibilities™ campaign is mechanical apprentice Ana, who maintains fast jets for the Royal Australian Air Force.

Ana learned about BAE Systems Australia’s marriage leave after watching Anika’s video – which was filmed before her own — which was perfect timing ahead of her own 2023 wedding.

BAE Systems really provides for you. They are a job for life if you want it.”

Joanna, the Employee Experience Lead at BAE Systems Australia, said the Infinite Possibilities™ campaign showcases the diverse opportunities, benefits, and flexibility on offer “to provide an environment where our people can thrive and make the most of their unique talents, while achieving their career and life goals”.

As one of our top Australian employers for paid parental leave, is BAE Systems a workplace that could work for you?

See the benefits for yourself.  

What ‘life stage’ are you?

“While building out our EVP, we identified four typical life stage profiles and have used these to map some of the benefits that may be the most relevant for our people at each of these stages – while keeping in mind that individuals can tailor the benefits to what is most important to them,” Joanna says.

Joanna explained that, when starting out, most employees value the opportunity to find a balance between their work and personal life. 

“When beginning a new job, there’s lots to learn — but spending quality time with old and new friends can be important along with continuing to enjoy personal interests. Flexible work hours or hybrid working options can better enable you to do this,” she says.

Joanna says that individuals at the moving forward stage are typically seeking career growth and/or progression; may be looking to get more from their current role; or seek a ‘squiggly’ career move to provide new challenges and possibilities.

“Then in the life changes stage, having access to workplace flexibility, enhanced parental leave, health insurance discounts and financial incentives are invaluable as people adjust to their changing personal and professional circumstances.”

Many employees at the transition stage of their career are considering, planning, and preparing for their future, Joanna explains. This might include giving back via paid volunteering leave, or accessing wealth management and financial planning services so you can plan the next phase of your life with confidence and security.

“But what we know is, there’s no set order to one’s life events,” Joanna says.

“A great example of this is Anika who is enjoying the benefits and rewards from all four of these ‘life stages’ at the moment.”

So, the chances of your employer actually paying for your wedding is slim.

But, using a cost-benefits analysis based on your hourly rate, marriage leave could be the equivalent of a four-figure sum of cash to prop up your big day.

When you combine this leave with various other benefits — such as flexibility arrangements, purchased leave, salary packaging perks, and corporate discounts including travel — you’re potentially looking at an extended honeymoon, increased job satisfaction, and an overall happy start to the next chapter of your life.

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