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The Dos, Don’ts (and Dangers) of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Targets

 60 minutes |   On-demand |  Recorded in September, 2023

By popular demand, WORK180 invited four leading employers (Accenture, APA Group, Aristocrat and Port of Newcastle) to openly discuss:

  • The what, why, and how behind their DEI targets

  • Vital tips, lessons, and learnings gained along the way

  • Navigating common pitfalls, such as team tension and tokenism

  • Answers to audience questions

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More about the webinar

Hosted by CEO and Co-Founder Gemma Lloyd, the one-hour event will reveal lessons from organizations successfully setting, measuring, and achieving DEI targets. With panelists from companies ranging in size and sector, attendees gained a wide variety of actionable insights and inspiration.

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WORK180 helps organizations of all sizes and stages of their DEI journey to build and benefit from a truly diverse workforce.

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