Raising Organizational Standards

A WORK180 feature campaign

Whether it be the policies companies have in place, the benefits they offer or the initiatives they adopt, these companies’ efforts are helping to change the status quo. 

Looking back, looking forward

Our first pillar will take advantage of the ‘new year’ to reflect on key improvements organizations made to their employee experience in 2021, and share new initiatives that are in planning for 2022.


8 Employee Benefits Trends that defined 2021

We delve into the extensive list of improvements our Endorsed Employers made to their benefits & policies in 2021, and the 8 trends they followed.

Young woman looking at code

Best employee benefits: The policies truly making a difference

We’ve taken a snapshot of some trailblazing employers from around the world and across multiple sectors to see what they’ll be working on this year to continue their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Shared caring responsibility

Employers can play an important role in creating a culture that promotes and supports equal and shared responsibility for parents and carers — regardless of gender. As one of the biggest barriers to gender equity in the workplace, shared caring responsibility is consistently rated as a top priority for the women in our community.

Shared caring responsibilities

6 Expert tips for writing your next parental leave policy

The most experienced HR and Talent Acquisition professionals share their top 6 tips for writing progressive and effective parental leave policies.

policies that support shared care

12 Endorsed Employers with policies supporting parents at work

Find out how our Endorsed Employers show their commitment to share care through policies for ALL types of families, and how it helps their employees thrive.

Employee support & safety services

From domestic violence to ableism, women and underrepresented groups often face a multitude of workplace barriers. We focus on the important role employers can play in removing these barriers while offering robust (and often external) support for those impacted.

domestic and family violence

How support for women facing Domestic and Family Violence is saving lives

Having supportive, widely-known workplace policies supporting people fleeing domestic and family violence makes it easier for at-risk people to seek help.

bringing your whole self to work

How to support people to bring their whole self to work

Find out how to support people bringing their whole self to work so they can thrive.

Workplace Peer Support Programs

A quick & easy guide to workplace peer support programs

Workplace peer support programs are a growing trend in workplace mental health support. This guide provides an overview for employers including 3 examples.

listening to your employees

How employee feedback is shaping HR policies for the better

Find out why listening to your employees is important for putting policies in place that actually meet people’s needs.

5 ways to support physical mental and social wellbeing at work

5 ways to support physical, mental & social wellbeing at work

To see what best practice looks like, we spoke to 5 Endorsed Employers to see what initiatives they offer to support physical, mental & social wellbeing

Featured Endorsed Employers

Altis Consulting
Australian Super
BAE Systems
Bain & Co
BNY Mellon
CS Energy

Cummins Australia
Exa Product Development
Global Vision Media
Great Southern Bank
J.P. Morgan
Knight Frank Australia

Marsh Australia
NFP Corp.
Ocado Technology
Oz Minerals
PA Consulting
Phillip Morris International

Southeastern Railway
Spirit Energy
Systra Scott Lister
Telegraph Media Group
Wannon Water
Woolworths Group