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Several forces have shaped the way we’ve worked this last year, understanding the employee experience, the gender-wage gap, and the continued COVID-19 pandemic. It would be nice to believe that 2022 will bring even bigger strides towards raising organizational standards for all women*. 

But with policies that were once considered progressive — like flexible working and enhanced parental pay — now seen as the norm, HR professionals may be left wondering what constitutes great employee benefits in 2022?

To find out, we’ve taken a snapshot of some trailblazing employers from around the world and across multiple sectors to see what they’ll be working on this year to continue their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. From the policies they’ll be looking to improve, to the launch of brand-new initiatives, they’ve kindly shared the best employee benefits and policies that will truly be making a difference in all women’s* careers in 2022.



For over 20 years, Transurban people have been building, maintaining, enhancing and operating roads that make a difference. Through tunnels and bridges, open roads and ingenious applications, we’ve connected communities across Australia as well as in North America. Transurban people are part of something bigger. Wherever you join, your work will make an impact. You’ll deliver successes you can be proud of, and then you’ll make them better.

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What initiatives have you got planned for 2022, and why are you focusing on these areas?

“To continue to deliver against our D&I objectives, we will be building out activity around inclusive culture and continuing to focus on improving gender representation in hot spots, not just in talent attraction, but also through retention. There’s lots happening here but a big focus will be our investment in people leader capability and equipping and empowering our people to drive their own growth and career.  

Wellbeing will also be an ongoing focus and enhancing our overall people experience.”

– Nicholas Burke, Talent Acquisition Operations Lead | Transurban

Insurance and Superannuation

NFP Corp.

NFP is a leading insurance broker and consultant providing specialized property and casualty, corporate benefits, retirement, and individual solutions through its licensed subsidiaries and affiliates. NFP enables client success through the expertise of over 6,000 global employees, investments in innovative technologies, and enduring relationships with highly rated insurers, vendors, and financial institutions.

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What benefits have already meant the most to your employees?  

In 2021, we rolled out our Blended Workplace Program. Throughout the pandemic we’ve strived to meet our people where they are and to help them better explore, understand and communicate their needs so that we can help address them. 

We’ve made great strides – and had evident success, through shared feedback – in rolling out more flexible schedules, blended work environment options, additional time off to ease pandemic tensions, mental health support and even well-being and family planning options for our workforce to enjoy.  

What initiatives have they got planned for 2022, and why are you focusing on these areas? 

In 2022 we’re focused on evolving our Diversity and Inclusion department and initiatives into a more robust and comprehensive Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging framework. This growth will enable our inclusion-focused teams and leaders to focus on building a more integrated DEIB structure and accountability system across each facet of our business. 

To hit the ground running in 2022 on these efforts and more, we’ve recently instituted an Environmental, Social and Governance Council to support our on-going commitment to the environment, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, sustainability, and other public policy matters relevant to our goals. 

We’re also incorporating added benefits to support our employees’ diverse needs, such as Gympass, a subsidized, opt-in program that provides a network of gyms, fitness centers, live streamed classes and wellness apps.


For nearly three decades, NetApp has supported customers like DreamWorks Animation, AstraZeneca, and Dow Jones to accelerate their unique data fabrics and extend their workflows into a hybrid cloud environment with the right tools and right capabilities.

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What initiatives have you got planned for 2022, and why are you focusing on these areas?

“We recently implemented a Mental Health First Aid program. We have accredited 10 leaders in October, 2021 as MHFA officers. We will continue to run a cohort every 3-6 months to become accredited. This supports our EAP and begins to reduce the stigma surrounding Mental Health. This will continue in 2022 and beyond.”

– Anastasia Kiteri, HR Business Partner | NetApp


Exa Product Development

Exa Product Development was founded in 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. As a growing organization, Exa has been relentless in building a scalable, values-based business that leverages our existing size to catapult us into the future. Our mission is to assist in the successful development of technologies and products that impact our environment and society in a positive way. It’s our vision that innovations are realised through agile, collaborative, and open engagements between teams of all shapes and sizes.

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What initiatives have you got planned for 2022, and why are you focusing on these areas?

“If 2021 showed us anything, it’s that individuals and businesses must lead the social and environmental change we wish to see in the world. To solidify our commitment to people and planet, we’ve been working toward our B Corp Certification. Certified B Corporations meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance balancing purpose and profit. 

The work we’ve done so far to create positive impacts for our employees, customers, community, and environment is immense but it’s just the beginning for us we’ll continue to improve in these core areas in 2022.”

– Sarah Bardwell, General ManagerExa Product Development



F5, Inc. is a company that specializes in application delivery networking, application availability & performance, multi-cloud management, application security, network security, access & authorization and online fraud prevention.

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 What benefits have already meant the most to your employees?  

“Mental Health first aid training for all leaders has helped employees feel safe and confident to share with their leader (or other leaders) when they have been struggling and needing further support, all the more important as we work in hybrid teams.”

 What initiatives have you got planned for 2022, and why are you focusing on these areas?

“Continuing a focus on wellness, with company-wide Wellness Weekends each quarter. Also providing an extra-long weekend with Friday and Monday off to spend on whatever helps you rest and rejuvenate!”

– Lauren Solly, Senior HR Business Partner | F5  


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At Thoughtworks, our purpose is ‘to create an extraordinary impact on the world through our culture and technology excellence.’  Founded over 27 years ago, we’ve grown from a small team in Chicago to a leading global software consultancy of 9,000+ Thoughtworkers across 48 offices in 17 countries.

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 What benefits have already meant the most to your employees?  

“In 2021, we reviewed our Growing Your Family policy (formerly parental leave policy) to recognize that not all families look the same. The policy now supports single parent families, families with no children, same sex parents and LGBTQI+ rainbow families, blended families, polyamorous relationships and families created through longer term fostering arrangements or adoption. 

This not only reflects the changing nature of families, but it also enhances the visibility of the different shapes of families, making the language more accessible to our diverse groups of employees here at Thoughtworks. 

Since the change we’ve seen several people express how they felt included. 

One example was during a DEI discussion, one of the council members expressed their appreciation for identifying fostering families as part of the policy. Another example was our Christmas party invitation which included polyamorous families, and a number of people said thank you for including it as part of the invite.”

What initiatives have you got planned for 2022, and why are you focusing on these areas?

“Our flexible work policy supports the different needs of our employees when it comes to work arrangements. In addition to flexibility in hours, employees can request to work remotely for a specific period (hybrid work) or request to work remotely full time. This policy supports our consultants as fully remote workers when engaging with a client and it greatly reduces dependence on the client to impose face-to-face working. This has further motivated discussions around rebalancing our client portfolio to ensure we engage with clients who accept different types of work settings. 

Furthermore, we are reviewing progressive family policies that support tailored options for different groups such as foster parents or mothers who experience stillbirth; as well as continuing to evolve our domestic and family violence policy, to ensure there is a mixed approach to benefits and support.”

– Christine Ma, Recruiter | Thoughtworks

Defence & Emergency Sector

BAE Systems

At BAE Systems, we help our customers to stay a step ahead when protecting people and national security, critical infrastructure and vital information. This is a long-term commitment involving significant investments in skills. We also work closely with local partners to support economic development through the transfer of knowledge, skills and technology.

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What initiatives have you got planned for 2022, and why are you focusing on these areas?

“We’re really excited about 2022. Our employee value proposition has been redesigned with a significant bias towards flexibility enhancements. Eight categories of flexibility are being introduced: Family Flex, Life Flex, Time Flex, Place Flex, Culture Flex, Community Flex, Wellbeing Flex, and Career Flex. 

There will also be enhancements introduced to things like parental leave and pregnancy loss leave and we’ll be introducing more ‘non-standard’ working arrangements including formalizing our hybrid working offering. 

We’ll also be launching a new D&I Strategy which includes the establishment of a formal D&I council and an employee resource group specifically dedicated to gender. A review of gender pay distribution is also in the plan.”

– Claire Geddes, Chief of Staff | BAE System



Our company has a rich history that spans more than 130 years and is recognized as a global leader in security and mobility technology, delivering products and solutions for the Commonwealth of Australia as it modernises Defence capability across land, sea and air domains.

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What benefits have already meant the most to your employees?  

“Our internal career progression opportunities. In 2021, we had 68 internal promotions with 38% attributed to female employees.”

What initiatives have you got planned for 2022, and why are you focusing on these areas?

“We have the introduction of a 9-day fortnight for all employees commencing in January 2022. We’ll also be working on the development of our Reconciliation Action Plan with the guidance and support of our local Indigenous elders and Reconciliation Australia. WHY? to engage with our local community and to support our focus on Indigenous employment, attraction and retention strategies.

A Parental Leave Working Group is to be established to review our parental leave entitlements. WHY? To ensure our employees are involved and part of what our parental leave offering looks like in the future. 

To ensure we are benchmarking ourselves against industry standards and exceeding these where possible, in areas that matter most to our current and future team members.

The launch of our New Values and Behaviours and a concentration on culture and internal engagement. WHY? To identify and establish ourselves as an employer of choice. To create a value proposition and to be an inclusive, informed, cohesive and respectful workforce that together achieves our organisational goals. 

We’ll also establish a Reward and Recognition program including the development of annual awards. WHY? To celebrate, recognize and showcase our employee’s achievements. To create a high-performance culture that aligns to our goals, values and behaviours, and to strengthen retention and build engagement.”

– Charmaine Scott, Employer Branding Specialist | Rheinmetall


TransGrid provides safe, reliable, sustainable and affordable electricity transmission services to more than 3.5 million homes and businesses across NSW and the ACT.

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What benefits have already meant the most to your employees?  

“Transgrid’s new hybrid working model, ‘New Ways of Working’, has been well received and helped to support positive mental health outcomes.  

Some feedback we’ve received from our employees include:

  • “I am enjoying the freedom for choosing to work at home with some office time available.”
  • “Having the flexibility to work where we need to, when we need to, is making the world of difference to our relationships, productivity and overall happiness. Thank you.”
  • “The hybrid ways of working are absolutely fantastic for my productivity and my work life balance is honestly amazing.”

New Ways of Working has also been a great way to enable the hiring of remote employees. We now have a swiftly growing number of great employees who are based intrastate and interstate.”

What initiatives have you got planned for 2022, and why are you focusing on these areas?

“In February 2022 we roll out our first ever pre-apprenticeship program for women which is being offered through Belmont TAFE in the Hunter Valley. The program includes three subjects that can be used as credits towards a Cert III in Electrotechnology, and a mix of online learning and hand-skills workshops.

We find that many women entering the electrical trades already have role models in their lives to encourage them in their career choice. For those who don’t, joining a male dominated industry can be daunting. We want to give women the opportunity to try it first.  This is a great way for women to learn whether the industry is right for them.”

– Julie Moss, Diversity Inclusion & Wellbeing Manager, Corporate Services | Transgrid

Southeastern Railway

Southeastern runs train services into London from Kent and East Sussex, operating some 2016 trains a day, carrying more than 640,000 passengers each weekday, serving 180 stations and covering 1,094 miles of railway infrastructure. We operate one of the busiest networks in the country including the UK’s first domestic high-speed service with Javelin trains.

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What benefits have already meant the most to your employees?  

“Southeastern’s first dedicated pregnancy loss policy has shown our commitment to supporting all colleagues who suffer the loss of a pregnancy, whether it happens directly to them, their partner or their baby’s surrogate mother, regardless of the nature of their loss, and whatever their length of service. 

The policy recognizes that pregnancy loss can be a bereavement, and one not isolated to women or heterosexual couples, making no assumptions about how colleagues suffering a loss feel, or how they want to be treated.

– Raz Sagoo, Inclusion & Diversity Partner | Southeastern Railway 

Cummins Australia

Cummins is a global technology leader committed to a culture of powering your potential.

A place big enough to coach and develop a global workforce and create the world’s leading clean engine technology. We’re also small enough for you to find your fit and personal passion with a team of dependable, innovative thinkers who are developing their careers within a diverse, inclusive, empowering environment.

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What initiatives have you got planned for 2022, and why are you focusing on these areas?

“We will be very busy in 2022. We will be advocating for our employees’ financial health by promoting superannuation payments during parental leave. Our educational assistance program will be empowering our people to develop their careers and includes fee sponsorships and flexible work schedules to support study. 

We are also working to create a world free from domestic violence by promoting a culture where we call each other forward, instead of out, when we see the signs of domestic violence. A key feature in our upcoming domestic violence leave policy will be that paid domestic violence leave will not only be available to survivors of domestic violence, but also to those who use it and are committed to rehabilitation.”

– Jonathan Lee, Benefits Specialist | Cummins Australia


At EY, our purpose is Building a better working world. The insights and quality services we provide help build trust and confidence in the capital markets and in economies the world over. We develop outstanding leaders who team to deliver on our promises to all of our stakeholders. In so doing, we play a critical role in building a better working world for our people, for our clients and for our communities.

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What benefits have already meant the most to your employees?  

1. “Gender-neutral parental leave policies have seen a third of EY dads taking paid parental leave (up to 18 weeks), which EY hopes will continue to grow with the new enhancements to the Family Leave Policy.

2. Over 3,300 EY staff members have benefited from Bystander Intervention Training and building a ‘speak up’ inclusive culture.

3. The pipeline for women in leadership continues to grow. EY’s women’s Senior Manager Development Program, Accelerate, saw over a third of the cohort promoted to Director role.

4. EY ran a virtual school holiday program in June and September which had over 830 registrations.”

What initiatives have you got planned for 2022, and why are you focusing on these areas?

“EY is working through recommendations for future neurodiversity hiring initiatives and workplace inclusions for neurodiverse people and is expecting to see increased activity in 2022 and beyond.

EY is launching a new talent attraction campaign that will focus on sharing the voices of diverse people at EY and how they have chosen to ‘reframe the moment’. Part of these strategies will also include working with Unity, EY’s LGBTQ+ employee-led network, to further activate LGBTQ+ inclusion in our talent attraction and acquisition strategies.

Talent attraction will be even further aided by partnering with unique organizations to focus on non-traditional sources of talent such as reskilling organisations.

We will also be launching a refreshed Gender Strategy to accelerate gender balance in leadership and key positions and continuing our efforts to build flexible and inclusive employment experiences for all. As well as launching a pilot coaching program for women returning to the workplace following an extended period of parental leave.”

– Laura Grant, Oceania DEI Talent Attraction & Acquisition Lead | EY

Telegraph Media Group

For over 160 years, The Telegraph’s stories, dispatches, interviews and investigations have set the agenda, sparked debate and provided generations of readers with a trusted source of news, information and opinion.

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What benefits have already meant the most to your employees?  

“Telegraph Media Group has offered both new mothers and fathers 26 weeks full pay for parental leave. This long-term investment supporting working families has resulted in 155 members of staff utilizing the scheme since its launch in January 2019, 44% of whom have been fathers.”

What initiatives have you got planned for 2022, and why are you focusing on these areas?

“TMG offers a number of opportunities for everyone to learn, develop and thrive at work to ensure that we are retaining talent, especially those from diverse backgrounds. We offer mentoring, training and development opportunities through The Academy and LinkedIn Learning. In 2022, we will be running sponsorship and reverse-mentoring programmes to develop and nurture a diverse, high-performing talent pipeline to leadership whilst addressing the gender and ethnicity pay gaps.”

– Sarah Lambley, Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging | Telegraph Media Group

J.P. Morgan

J.P. Morgan is a leader in financial services, offering solutions to clients in more than 100 countries with one of the most comprehensive global product platforms available. We have been helping our clients to do business and manage their wealth for more than 200 years.

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What benefits have already meant the most to your employees?  

“We delivered our first major physical fitness programme since the onset of the pandemic, ‘Desk to Exercise’. Nearly 400 employees signed up choosing either walking, running, cycling or swimming challenges. Before the programme, 77% of the registered employees had engaged in less than 3 hours of exercise a week.”

What initiatives have you got planned for 2022, and why are you focusing on these areas?

“In 2022 we will alter the way we communicate our maternity leave training for managers in order to reach more staff and therefore support more women going through maternity. Other priorities are a focus on Menopause support and wellbeing for our employees, and to continue to monitor and revise our return to office and flexible working policies.”

Helen Tabeshfar, Vice President | J.P. Morgan

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