Women in STEMM

A WORK180 feature campaign

Despite making up about 50% of the world’s population, only about 25% of individuals in science, technology, engineering mathematics and medicine (STEMM) are women. Read on to see what employers are doing about it.

About this campaign

The shortage of women in STEMM is an issue at both ends of the spectrum – there are less women entering STEMM fields than men,  and there are disproportionately higher attrition rates for women leaving the industry.

This campaign explores what change is needed across the industry to ensure all women in STEMM can thrive. We spoke with some of our Endorsed Employers across three key areas:

  • Encouraging more women into STEMM

  • Attracting and hiring more women into STEMM

  • Supporting and retaining more women in STEMM

Two women scientists learning in a lab.

Encouraging more young women into STEMM

Scientist at lab table

35+ Initiatives encouraging more young women into STEMM

For women achieving an equal footing in the high-income, high-demand STEMM fields, we all need to play our part to help young women to pursue #STEMM careers. Find out about the initiatives and programs 23 of our Endorsed Employers are running to support and encourage more young women in STEMM.

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17 tips for young women interested in a career in STEMM

Encouraging young women to pursue and thrive in STEMM careers will ensure a diverse and inclusive STEMM workforce for the future. This will help prevent biases in these fields and the products and services they produce, ultimately creating a fairer world for everyone.

We asked some of the best and brightest women in STEMM already thriving within the field to share their lessons and experiences – and what those who want to follow in their footsteps should expect.

Attracting and hiring more women into STEMM

24 companies to follow to build a career in STEMM

Upskilling, career transition or accelerators, and return programs. Options for women pursuing a career in STEMM are growing. But do you know what companies are offering these programs and where to apply?

We asked 24 of our Endorsed Employers from different industries what initiatives they have in place for facilitating women interested in STEMM into a job or to accelerate their careers.

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Supporting and retaining women in STEMM

Women featured in article

Best companies to work for if you're a woman in STEMM

Women don’t want more; we just want fair. Whether it’s fair pay, a fair chance of recognition, or fair access to flexibility and strong mentors, most women want to know and feel like the company they work for has their back. How do we know? Because their own employees couldn’t wait to tell us.

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19 women share how they’re supported to stay in STEMM

The 19 women below have shared their stories about the many great ways our Endorsed Employers are supporting them to thrive in their careers and help shape a better future for the world.

Doctor teaching science students

Top transferable skills in STEMM

We spoke to 66 women in a variety of STEMM roles from around the world to ask the question ‘what is the most valuable skill you’ve brought from your previous position to your role in STEMM?’. Communication skills were overwhelmingly rated as the most valuable transferable skill, but there were a few other very interesting insights.

Featured Endorsed Employers

Amazon Web Services
BAE Systems
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Clear Dynamics

Hutchison Ports UK
J.P. Morgan
Lloyds Banking Group
Melbourne Water
Mott MacDonald

Safety Culture
Schneider Electric UK
Teletrac Navman
Unity Water
Western Power
Woolworths Group