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Discussing Flexible Working With Candidates

Flexible working is in-demand, on offer from competing employers, and an important topic in any inclusive hiring process. Our expert guide is here to help interviewers answer candidate questions about flexible working with complete confidence:

  • Gain a clear understanding of flexible working, including how it contributes to a company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.
  • Anticipate candidate questions with data and insights around the wants and needs of women and marginalized groups. 
  • Feel confident in your knowledge of your company’s offering, including how it compares to competing employers right now. 


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We asked, “Would it put you off a role if an interviewer was unable to answer flexible working questions?” 81% of respondents said it “definitely” would

Confusion around your company’s stance on flexible working or how it applies to particular roles can cause both a poor candidate experience and unhappy hires. But, get it right, and flexible working discussions can help create an inclusive hiring process that attracts and retains a truly diverse workforce.

Results of our poll on the impact of an interviewer's ability to discuss flexible working,

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