Report six: How to Hear Unhappy Employees

(Before It’s Too Late)

Published August 2022

Cover of the hidden cost of "women work" report

Feedback forms. Surveys. Suggestion boxes. Our latest report reveals why your company’s current approach to ’employee voice’ could be doing more harm than good, and provides practical tips to do better.

  • Get the hard facts: Discover the business benefits of listening to and learning from ALL employees
  • Learn why and how to apply an intersectional lens to your employee voice strategy
  • Get eight expert-recommended approaches to gathering employee voice, equitably and inclusively
  • Plus, five practical tips for empowering the voices of women and marginalized groups 
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A few key findings

Research for this report included several polls and surveys of WORK180’s global community: 

  • 95% said they would leave a workplace if they didn’t feel listened to 

  • 64% said a fear of being identified put them off providing their workplace with honest feedback

  • 77% said a high workload has prohibited them from providing their workplace with honest feedback

This month’s focus: Employee voice

Employee voice refers to the collective insights and opinions of a workforce, which companies can and should use to optimize their employee, candidate, and customer experience. As explored in this report, to truly gain from this voice, employers must actively ensure it’s as diverse, equitable, and inclusive as possible.

Image of the WORK180's 10 key standards for driving workplace equity.
WORK180's What Women Want Report 2021

I am one of three women in a leadership team of 11. When I speak, 90% of what I say is dismissed or ignored. A male colleague will say what I said and be celebrated. Or he will directly counter what I said and be acknowledged.

Feedback from a participant in WORK180’s What Women Want survey

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