Report three: Six Pressing Reasons to Update Your Parental Leave Policy

Published May 2022

It’s hard to ignore the increasing demand for better parental leave policies, and organizations would be wise not to. This data-driven report reveals the pressing reasons to update this important policy, as well as the actions leading employers are already taking. 

  • Gain a clear understanding of the benefits of a progressive parental leave policy and the dangers of doing nothing
  • Find out how parental leave policies effects your all-important diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives
  • Discover what leading employers are doing to make sure their parental leave policy is as impactful as possible 
Cover of the hidden cost of "women work" report
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Helping you build your business case 

Understand the importance of parental leave to your organization but struggling to gain internal buy-in or support? With six evidence-based reasons presented in an easy-to-read format, this report is the perfect companion for any changemaker building their business case for better parental leave.

One policy can have a real impact 

As revealed in this report, parental leave policies play an important role in raising five of the 10 key standards for driving workplace equity:

  • Shared caring responsibility
  • Pay equity
  • Inclusive hiring practices
  • Career development
  • Representative leadership
Image of the WORK180's 10 key standards for driving workplace equity.

“When decision-makers offer a strong parental leave policy, it sets a positive tone for recruiters to concentrate on building long-standing teams made up of the best of the best, as opposed to the best of what they can get right now.”

Gemma Lloyd

Co-Founder and CEO of WORK180

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