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Gender Pay Gap Review Checklist

More and more eyes are looking at your company’s gender pay gap. And, according to 81% of our global survey respondents, they want to know what you’re doing about it.

Use our free gender pay gap review checklist to calculate your pay gap, identify its causes, and begin to take meaningful action.

✔️ Created by diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) experts

✔️ Suitable for companies of all sizes and stages of their DEI journey 

✔️ Applicable to organizations in the US, Australia, and the UK


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Objectives of the Gender Pay Gap Review Checklist

    • For smaller companies or those just getting started in DEI: Learn to perform a basic pay gap review, understand your results, and identify actions for improvement.

    • For larger organizations: Perform a cross-functional analysis (beyond legal requirements) and identify complex causes of inequities in your organization that;
        • allows a true understanding of your company’s pay gap;
        • helps identify actions for improvement. 
    Gender pay gap review checklist

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