An Expert Guide to 

Setting Effective Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Targets

Focusing, excelling, and validating your company’s DEI efforts, targets can be transformative — when defined and applied properly. 

Designed by our DEI experts, this free guide is here to help your team identify the right targets, in the right way, and make a real impact.

  • Understand what makes an effective DEI target
  • Know how to identify the right ones for your team
  • Get expert tips and tricks for successful implementation
  • Confidently apply your learnings with our handy tick list


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We asked the public whether they want to see more companies commit to diversity, equity, and inclusion targets

87% of respondents said yes (and 6% were unsure). This response echoes a growing demand for provable DEI efforts from customers, current employees, job candidates, and even investors. 

As such, our guide goes beyond setting targets and shares the key elements to communicating your commitments internally and  — for and even greater impact — externally. 

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