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We’re so excited to share your story with our community and help to inspire women like you to achieve their career goals.

Please complete the questions below (note: not all questions are mandatory). We’re looking forward to hearing more about you, your role, and your experiences. Feel free to include any great anecdotes, inspiring experiences or strong memories you have around the question topics. After reading your responses, we may reach out to delve further into your story.

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Frequently asked questions

Will I get to review the story before it's published?

We will certainly appreciate your participation and feedback in the fact-checking process. However, in terms of the style and tone of voice, our content is structured and written to optimise for the best SEO practices, and for the most effective engagement of our audience. So please be aware some suggestions or edits may not be applicable.

Will the story follow our corporate tone of voice?

Our Employee Story platform is where we engage in a more story-driven and authentic style of branding. Our experience and research have shown that jobseekers find more personal and casual styles of story content from the perspectives of employees more credible and engaging than official company culture testimonials or branded tone of voice, which we avoid replicating.

How long before the story will be published?

With a completed nomination form, you and your selected nominee can expect the story to appear on our platforms within 3 months

How will I know when my story is published?

Once the story is published, you will be provided with the links.
Please feel free to share these across your own channels.