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Our goal is to help you know better, so you can do better and be seen better by the women you want to attract and retain.

As part of your package you are entitled to a range of inclusions, designed to support you in achieving your goals. On this page, you will find everything you need to get started in making the most of these inclusions.

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Feature articles

As an Endorsed Employers, you are invited to align your business with the key standards driving workplace equity by contributing to our feature articles. Our monthly content will focus on different issues impacting all women in the workplace. By celebrating the employers making a difference, we’re also challenging others to do more, and creating productive conversations that result in real change.

10 Key standards for driving equity in the workplace

Equity Audit FAQs

If you’re preparing to complete your organizational Equity Audit, then you may find these frequently asked questions helpful.

Employer tools and resources

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Employer resources

We provide employers with a range of tools, guides and other resources to start building equitable and inclusive workplaces.

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Empower, listen, and learn from underrepresented voices in your organization using our ready-made engagement survey.

Gender Equity Index

How is your company tracking compared to other organizations? Find out by participating in our global Gender Equity Index.