Getting your jobs live

You’re entitled to list your job vacancies via our jobs board. 

You can use the information on this page to determine what set up will work best for your organization, depending on how you want to load your jobs and what application tracking system (ATS) you use.

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Manually uploading to site

1. Why choose this option?

  • You only have a small number of jobs
  • You don’t have an application tracking system (ATS)
  • You want maximum control over what jobs are displayed

2. What will happen next?

  • You will receive an email to activate an account to our employer portal;
  • Once you have logged in, navigate to the ‘Jobs’ section in the left menu bar;
  • Click the yellow “+New” button;
  • Enter your position details including but not limited to: job title, work type, discipline, location, level of experience, expiry date, job description (long + short preview version);
  • Select how you want to receive applications:
    • WORK180: Applicants will apply on our site and you will log into our employer portal to access them in future, via the “Applications” section”;
    • My company’s ATS: Applicants will be directed off to your career’s site or other external link of your choice. WORK180 will not get a record of their application or contact details;
    • Email only: Applicants will be given an email to which to send their job application;
  • When you’re finished click the “Create job” button, and your job should appear on the site within minutes.

Automatic scraping via an ATS 

1. What is “automatic scraping”?

If you have an application tracking system (ATS) in place and already feed jobs on to your career’s page or job site, then we might be able to set up a “scraper” which automatically “pulls” this same feed on to the WORK180 platform. This means you don’t need to manually change any thing to list or remove jobs – whatever you have on your site is what will display on ours.

2. How do we set up a scraper?

To set up a scraper, we need to know what ATS you are using and the URL of your job site. If we have been able to identify these ourselves, we will have shared the information with you as part of your launch emails; if not, we will ask you to confirm.

Once we have this information, we can then configure our system to automatically sync jobs. This happens  approximately every two hours.

3. Other things to note:

Although the most popular option for many of our clients, scrapers can be both a costly and unreliable method for loading jobs. This is because any change to your website (e.g. if you change ATS, update your data structures or change your job site url) may stop the scraper from working completely or result in inaccuracies in what is sent across. There is cost, time and effort involved in fixing these issues.

We include the cost of scraper set up in your initial package, however please note that if you make any changes to your set up, you may be liable to pay the costs of updating or setting up a new scraper.

4. Preventing issues with accessing jobs on your site:

Many job sites use “bot” protection which can prevent our system from retrieving jobs. If this is the case for your site, you will need to talk to your technical team about turning off protection for requests coming from the WORK180 system on the following IP addresses:




5. Alternative method to scraping:

If you want to limit these kinds of issues, a related but more reliable method is known as setting up a “feed”. This uses a more structured data approach to delivering job data to our system, either as an “XML” or “JSON” feed.

We can confirm that the below ATS systems will support this more reliable method, however we encourage you to talk to your IT team or ATS provider as this will be an option for many other systems too:

  • BambooHR
  • Greenhouse
  • PageUp
  • PhenomPeople
  • Smart Recruiters
  • Workday
  • Elmotalen

ATS integration via an API token

1. What is an ATS integration?

This is when your ATS is configured to “push” jobs to the WORK180 system, rather than WORK180 “pulling” them into our system (via scraping). This is not an option for every ATS.

2. Which ATS’s can be configured in this way?

  • Success Factors (with Recruiting Posting):
  • Broadbean
  • Idibu
  • JobAdder

3. Instructions for Success Factors:

You or your IT team need to configure WORK180 as a target for jobs within your ATS. We will then receive a notification and our engineering team will complete the set up.

4. Instructions for Broadbean, Idibu, JobAdder: 

For these systems, our team will need to send you a unique API token that you can input into your ATS system when configuring WORK180 as a target. Please note, this API token is region specific so can only be used for “pushing” jobs from a single region. Please talk to our team if you need jobs to be “pushed” from multiple regions.

5. Other things to note:

If you choose this option, keep in mind that in order for jobs to appear on the WORK180 platform you will need to choose to post them from your ATS. 

Custom solutions

1. Why choose this option?

If your IT team has developed a custom solution for pushing jobs to external platforms like WORK180, then you can use this option. We will need to provide you with a unique API token for our system and some API documentation that you can pass on to your IT team. This API will only be shared when suitable, so please contact us via if you would like to discuss this option.

2. Other things to note:

If you choose this option, if jobs are not displaying on the WORK180 website then it is most likely a problem on your side, rather than something our team can fix.

List of ATS’s we support

We can support a broad range of application tracking systems. Please see all current systems we support listed here or talk to our team if you think you need an alternative solution:

Bamboo hr lgoo
Brassring Logo
Broadbean ATS
Cornerstone logo
Greenhouse logo
Idibu logo
Jobadder logo
Jobvite logo
Lever logo
Livehire logo
myrecruitmentplus logo
pageup logo
PhenomPeople logo
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Success factors logo
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Taleo logo
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Need help?

It is best for you to speak to your DEI Account Manager to discuss your specific requirements if you’re not sure about how to proceed to get based on your organization’s set up.

Alternatively, you can email our launch team at  and someone will respond within one working day to provide support.