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    So, who are we..? 

    5B is a clean technology powerhouse that accelerates access to low-cost, safely deployed, gigawatt-scale solar energy.  We are transforming solar technologies to realise our vision of a world where abundant, accessible, and affordable power from the sun meets all our energy needs.

    From our corporate headquarters in Sydney, we have scaled rapidly to a team of over 180 employees globally with offices in the US, Chile, and India.

    Our 5B Global HQ features R&D, advanced manufacturing, deployment and testing facilities. We also have a regional office in Darwin with manufacturing, training and testing facilities, and manufacturing and testing at a facility in Adelaide.

    5B Maverick is an Australian-designed ground mount solar solution designed to be safer, more cost-effective, and faster to deploy for off-grid, commercial and industrial, and large-scale solar power generation, compared to traditional single-axis solar trackers or comparable solar racking solutions.

    Our name, 5B, is a constant reminder of the almost infinite amount of energy potential in the 5 billion years of sunshine the earth has left and is intended to provoke the question ‘How will we use it?’.

    Our Vision

    A world where abundant, accessible, affordable power from the sun meets all our energy needs.

    Our Mission

    To accelerate the planet’s transition to fast, easy, low-cost clean energy by harnessing the full power of the sun. To drive a paradigm shift in the delivery, integration, and operation of clean energy, to scale globally through an ecosystem of partners, collaborators, and complementary technologies.

    Our Values

    Be safe - Be bold - Stay true - Build bridges & cross borders - Keep asking why - Answer to yourself - Give back