Get informed about gender equity*

Because when we all know better,
we can all do better

The data is clear: women — especially those from underrepresented backgrounds — continue to face unfair treatment in the workplace. And yet, the same studies prove that women are great for business.

In fact, companies whose initiatives focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as a whole are more likely to have financial returns above their national industry medians.

*Find the full definition (including the distinction between gender equality and gender equity) in the WORK180 Diversity Dictionary.

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Workplaces need more women. But first, women need more from their workplaces

“Without employers making changes and without women and non-binary people pushing for more equitable workplaces, women will continue to be undervalued and underpaid.”

Andréa Long
Marketing, Recruiting, and Diversity & Inclusion Professional, member of the WORK180 DEI Board

Building a better working world is everyone’s business

Empower women to expect better

100% of women surveyed for the WORK180 What Women Want Report 2021 stated that they consider gender equity a workplace priority.

Enable workplaces to do better

According to McKinsey & Co, companies with more women at the top outperform those with few or no women in their leadership teams.

The world will be better, for everyone

McKinsey & Co also report that unleashing the full potential of all women who wish to work could add 11% (USD 12 trillion) to our GDP by 2025.

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The employers WORK180 supports and endorse go way beyond bettering their own organizations. They regularly collaborate on content that offers insight into the inner workings of great workplaces for women.

WORK180 helps organizations of all sizes and stages of their DEI journey to build and benefit from a truly diverse workforce.


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