Athena Home Loans

Athena Home Loans

The Game-Changing Goddess of Good Stuff.

Athena is helping Aussies pay off their home loan faster.

Enter Athena, the Game-Changing Goddess of Good Stuff. She spoke to us (well it was more of a roasting) and talked of a brighter future where people could be freed of their mortgage handcuffs. “It’s not about getting a home loan, it’s about getting rid of a £#!*ing home loan!” She was right. We did the sums, and worked out that without the big bank costs and complications, and by creating our own ground-breaking tech platform that enables us to bypass the banks to access new methods of funding, then we actually could slice a pretty huge chunk of time and money off the life of the loan. Finding a short-cut to financial freedom, Athena’s vision is now a reality. Now you can enjoy a home loan with a whole new level of service, speed and savings.

Our Mission

Athena launched to the public in early 2019 with a mission to change home loans for good, so Aussies can rewrite their future stories. We want to help Australians pay off their mortgage faster, and give the industry a real shake. We are making an impact and there is a whole lot more to do to get Aussies out of debt faster but Athena customers are already seeing the difference. This is just the beginning.

Being an Athenian!

We're about freeing futures. We place the power of independence in our customers’ hands and in yours. Can-do and will-do, every person makes a big difference. You shape the place and the place shapes you. Athena adds layers to your learning, so you can do what you do best. No closed doors, roadblocks, egos or wankers. Just an awesome team without elbows, who have a lot of fun changing the game together. Removing barriers to create an impact, so you can do something to be proud of.

Now is your chance to be a part of something meaningful and amazing, check out our roles on the next tab.