What do we do?

We do software. Industrial software. It’s really cool stuff. We have 1000’s of customers who can tell you all about it and why they love it. You can read more about us in our corporate spiel below.

Instead we wanted to get straight to the point. We want to tell you why we are a great place to work. We are a global company but we think local. You know glocal. We think our Pacific team is pretty awesome and have some unique qualities that our corporate spiel won’t tell you. So here’s our Top 5 reasons why we think you will want to get to know us more...

  1. You have a passion for software and all things digital transformation. You will have a bit (or a lot) of inner geek who loves the way software makes our customers feel all warm and fuzzy.
  2. You want to work with a team that gets it. By that we mean, we get you. We take the time to understand you. You want to be treated as an individual but also shine as part of a team. You want to work at a place that wants you to be successful. We want you to say “I love it here”.
  3. You want to help companies grow in workplace diversity. We are on the WORK180 platform because we have work to do. We believe, to be successful we need workplace diversity. Our customers need it. Hey, we are happy to say the whole world needs it.   
  4. You want to learn. You don’t see us as a place you are going to stay forever, however, whilst you are here you want to make sure you are challenged AND have opportunities. You want to learn from others, even people that have been round the block a few times!
  5. We know you crave a life work culture – you want balance. You want to be able to experiment and experience both your work and your life at the same time. You want to work somewhere that has the energy that promotes balance.

AVEVA – We’ll Take You There

This is an era of unparalleled innovation – and of unprecedented disruption. From shifting global demands to sustainability, automation to artificial intelligence, industries are facing the biggest changes – and opportunities – of our time. AVEVA can help you take advantage, find the opportunity in disruption and deliver sustainable growth. With advanced industrial software, you can shape the future of your industry – and of the world.

Our Culture

The work we do at AVEVA is pioneering, so every day can be very different. But while our workplace is dynamic and fast-paced, it’s also friendly and collaborative. We value relationship-builders and curious minds, who thrive in an environment of sharing ideas and working together to challenge themselves, go further, and really bring their unique viewpoints to work. What makes you unique, makes us unique too!

Pioneering tech: empowering you to do more

Whether it’s putting big data at our customers’ fingertips, preserving historic ships with sophisticated software, or exploring all the possibilities of digital twin technologies, you can be exceptional at AVEVA.
Striving for excellence every day, we are determined to become ever more inclusive, giving you – and everyone in our team – all the insights and tools you need to thrive.
AVEVA is passionately committed to driving diversity, equity, inclusion and wellbeing. We actively seek and encourage applications from all sections of the community, from people with diverse backgrounds and characteristics.

Dynamic working

Agile. Flexible. Smart. Our global company spans multiple cultures, time zones, and projects. It also embraces many ways of working: ones that balance the needs of our business with the needs of our people.

Most roles are a blend of remote and office-based working. Dynamic working means that where you work depends upon the:

  • Demands of your role
  • Needs of your team and the wider business
  • Your preferences
  • How all these factors evolve over time

Design your own future

Your AVEVA journey can take you where you want to go. The breadth and depth of our market-leading software mean we offer unique career pathways - ones that don’t exist anywhere else in the world. As we venture into new regions and industries, create new solutions, and pioneer new thinking, you will progress with us. We’re here to learn, to challenge ourselves, and to discover what’s possible, together. The view from here is limitless.
Whether you’re looking to become a people leader, a subject-matter expert, or both, we’ll support you every step of the way.

Our extend-opportunities are flexible and designed to accommodate your learning preferences and development goals. So, they come in many forms:

  • Stretch projects
  • Cross-functional secondments
  • Cross-country opportunities
  • Structured e-learning
  • Instructor-led courses
  • Mentorship
  • Role shadowing

At AVEVA, we work together to build a better future, contributing our individual talents to create collective success. We never forget we’re part of a team – and that outlook is reflected in our inclusive reward offering and our dynamic working style.

Still curious to learn more? Head to our jobs tab above to see our current job openings, or just reach out!