Why choose Barwon Water?

At Barwon Water we believe that every individual has something valuable to offer. We understand that the more diverse workforce, the wider the variety of ideas we bring to the table. Enjoy being part of an organisation that values results, professional growth, workplace diversity and a balance between work and life commitments.

For more than a century, Barwon Water has provided high quality water and sewerage services to customers.  Building on that strong foundation, the corporation is now entering a new phase in its history. Recognising the challenges of climate change, population growth, rapid technological advancement and economic transition, Barwon Water is shifting its mindset from water utility to helping lead our region’s prosperity.

As part of the new phase, Barwon Water is striving to become more diverse, high performing, innovative and connected organisation, working collaboratively with business and community partners to identify and deliver great regional outcomes from water resource.

Our water and sewerage services underpin the economic, social and environmental dimensions of regional prosperity;

Social: our water services underpin the health of our communities and the liveability of our cities and towns.  We need to leverage the social value these services provide by becoming a major vehicle for community connectedness, building linkages and understanding and responding to the community’s views.

Environmental: building on our position as an environmental leader by an ethic of caring for country and protecting the natural assets upon which we all depend.

Economic: enabling a strong and diverse business sector through support, partnerships and entrepreneurship, to create new models for commercial ventures with Aboriginal and other community groups, as well as small and large businesses.

Cultural: benefiting from diversity, including enhancing Aboriginal values.

What Barwon Water Offers

A diverse range of disciplines, including operations, engineering, strategic planning, environmental, HSE, business, finance, information technology, GIS, business improvement, customer service, and administration.

1. Innovative workspace

  • Parent room
  • Wellbeing room
  • End of trip facilities

2. Flexible working

  • Purchased leave
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Working part time
  • Job sharing

3. Health and wellbeing programs

  • Training and development
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Values Award program
  • Innovation Award program