A team that's better together

We’re all different. At Coles, we see that as a good thing. Because we know that our differences – our backgrounds, experiences and perspectives – set us apart. And they can also bring us together.

Our differences help us spark ideas, create connections and discover commonality. Helping us foster understanding, show empathy, care with passion and build communities. Being unique reminds us that every customer, team member and supplier we work with is unique too.

A team that energises us to win together to achieve our goal of sustainably feeding all Australians.

Just as we have for over a century, we’re making Coles somewhere everyone feels like they belong. So that we can all live healthier and happier lives.

All together for Gender equity

Our goal is to achieve a gender balanced workforce to benefit all of us (and our community) by:

  1. Reaching 40% women in leadership roles at an organisational level and improving male and female representation in each function to 30% of each gender.
  2. Achieving pay parity to support achievement of gender equality.
  3. Being recognised as a WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality enabling us to attract and retain the best talent at Coles.

We’re already in balance across Coles Group, including at Board level and in our senior leadership group. We’ve worked hard to mainstream flexible working (now more than ever). To help achieve our targets, we are embedding gender equality principles across our processes. This includes updating our recruitment processes and ensuring we have gender balance representation through the shortlisting and interview stages, looking at how we develop talent and succession planning and challenging role structures to create a working environment that helps team members thrive.

We have a senior-led Gender Equity SteerCo, and strong functional plans to continue to strive towards gender balance. The SteerCo oversees activity across the organisation and encourages the sharing of stories and resources, and provides regular updates on our progress against plans with our team members. We are also prioritising capability building, and we are training our leaders in Inclusive Leadership and Unconscious Bias.

Committed to gender balance throughout the recruitment process

We’re focused on tracking gender balance at the shortlist, interview and hire stages of the recruitment process to drive continual reflection and review, building gender equitable recruitment practices, removing gender bias through our recruitment process, updating our recruitment and appointment processes and looking at how we develop our talent, challenging the way roles are structured and working hard at mainstreaming flexible working.

You can contact our Inclusive Recruitment team at [email protected] if you’d like any assistance with the recruitment process or your potential work environment.