Deloitte – Our People

At Deloitte, we create positively differentiated work experiences that enable our people to feel valued and achieve their full potential. We value difference and embrace people with diverse backgrounds and thinking styles.

Knowing that people work best in different ways, we are happy to discuss alternative arrangements if the working pattern you are looking for is not specifically indicated in the job you’re looking at.

Deloitte - Return to Work Program

Our program is designed to provide you with the support you need to return to work after a career break.  Whether you took time out to raise a family, care for your health or any other personal reasons, we want to give you the opportunity to transition back into the workplace.

Here at Deloitte, we understand that taking the leap back into your career can be daunting.  That’s why we’ve created a 24-week program that offers you all the guidance you need to confidently leverage your skills and expertise and continue your journey.

Our growing network of Return to Work alumni will be there to empower you along the way, so that you can make an impact that matters from the beginning.

Learn more about our Return to Work program here

Deloitte - Flexibility & Wellbeing

We understand that your personal and family commitments are important to you, that’s why we’ve created Deloitte Flex.  It provides our people with 9 different flexible ways in which they can create a personalised living and working arrangement, that’s 100% right for them.

We don’t want our people to feel they have to compromise the moments that truly matter in life. If you enjoy taking part in gym classes before work, want to take time out to embark on a sabbatical, would prefer to work from home or perhaps need to adjust your hours to make the school pick up, we want you to know that here at Deloitte, you can!

Discover more about Deloitte Flex here

Deloitte - Parental Leave

Deloitte values that its people are more than just working professionals and that lifetime milestones such as starting a family are events which should be celebrated, not compromised. That’s why we have strengthened our family-friendly practices to positively impact Deloitte employees wishing to take time out of work to raise a family.

We want to improve and lead the way on gender equality and make a real difference to the wellbeing and careers of our working parents. Because we believe that you truly can have your two dream jobs! Our inclusive policy includes:

  • 18 weeks paid parental leave for new mothers and fathers
  • More flexibility in how this leave can be taken – we enable access to paid parental leave in a flexible way for up to 12 months (e.g. take two days paid parental leave a week and remain client-facing three days a week for 45 weeks)
  • Everyone has access to external coaching to help with their transition back into the workplace
  • Our parental leave policy is inclusive and covers same sex, foster, surrogacy and adoptive families and supports families experiencing stillbirth

We're excited to announce that once again we have received the Workplace Gender Equality Agency's (WGEA) Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation for 2019-20.

Read more about our Parental Leave here

Catalyst, a leading global non-profit focused on accelerating progress for women in the workplace, has named Deloitte as one of three companies globally that lead on gender equality, honouring Deloitte with a prestigious Catalyst award for 2020.

The Catalyst 2020 Award called out Deloitte Australia for its role in building a strong inclusive culture through its Inspiring Women program, designed to ensure the firm attracts its unfair share of female talent. 

Highlights of Deloitte Australia’s commitment to gender equality include:

  • A working environment to support all employees, including equal parental leave for all employees that can be taken flexibly in the first three years after the arrival of a child, and comprehensive and transparent flexibility policies applying to all the people who work at Deloitte.
  • A culture which supports diversity in all its forms and inclusion as a leader led, shared value. Programs such as Deloitte Dads, a photo exhibition which celebrated the accessibility and value of the parental leave policy for fathers, and the global Deloitte ALL-IN commitment.
  • A focus on continual learning, with mandatory inclusive leadership training, a robust coaching structure including mentoring and sponsorship of women, and Aspiring Women, a 12-month development and career acceleration program for high-potential women.

Deloitte - What We Do

We’re no longer your traditional accounting firm – we’ve moved far beyond our auditing and accounting roots. We focus on everything from cyber security and VR through to digital marketing and tech integration across a multitude of industries including transport, healthcare, retail, banking and finance.

Globally, we are ranked number one for consulting and are also the largest digital services firm in Australia.  We’re constantly evolving and always challenging the status quo to solve complex issues for our clients and Australian communities. Our one defining purpose is to make an impact that matters. This means making an impact that matters to our clients and our people. Joining Deloitte Australia opens the door to career options and connects you with others who’re making an impact here and across Asia as part of the Asia Pacific group. Our projects extend beyond geographical borders which allows our clients to access global expertise and provides opportunities for our people to continue to grow.

Some of our most high-profile projects include designing and deploying DeloitteASSIST, a voice-enabled hospital call bell solution, putting a dollar value on the Great Barrier Reef and creating the award-winning virtual reality experience, ANZ BreakPoint.

Explore more about the work you could do here

Deloitte – Learning & Development

Our focus is ensuring our people are future ready with opportunities to create new career pathways within Deloitte.  We will encourage and motivate you to continually develop yourself both personally and professionally, providing direct access to relevant resources such as LinkedIn Learning, mentoring and coaching programs.  

Our Aspiring Women program supports, develops and nurtures our women across their career journey at Deloitte. Introduced in 2003, it recognises the achievements of our most talented women and has been instrumental in building strong, relatable role models for all our people.

Deloitte – Impact Day

Here at Deloitte we just don’t just work on purpose-led projects for our clients and communities, we enlist to make an impact that matters. We are motivated by a purpose that transcends profits, which is why we give our people the time, energy and opportunities to give back through initiatives such as the Deloitte Foundation and the incredibly popular annual Impact Day.

Rewarding Impact Day activities our people collaborate together on involve; packing hampers filled with hygiene essentials for domestic violence victims, lending our green fingers at aged-care home gardens and giving our best cuddles to rescued furry friends at animal shelters.

Deloitte received Silver in the best Pro Bono and Workplace Volunteering category of the 2018 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards.

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