Kmart Australia & NZ

Kmart Australia & NZ

At Kmart we’re on a mission to make everyday living brighter . That means fostering an inclusive environment for all of our team members, customers and communities in which we operate so that everyone – no matter their cultural background, skin colour, race or gender – can feel respected and safe.

Our People Strategy is to ensure Kmart is a great place to work and grow together and a key element of this is to be progressive in creating equality in our workplace; enabling us to innovate, make better business decisions and create the most value for our team members, our customers and our wonderful Kmart communities. 

Did you know we’re a part of something bigger?

Owned by Wesfarmers Limited, the Kmart Group, together, the Kmart Group is creating an even more satisfying shopping experience for all of our customers, no matter where they are in the world.

Gender Balance

Kmart Group aim to achieve 40 per cent women in leadership roles, 40 per cent of men in leadership roles and 20 per cent of either gender or identifying as gender diverse in leadership roles by 2030 across all areas of the business.

Currently,  40% of business functions fall within the 40:40:20 gender balance range with an Organisational ratio of 43 per cent women in leadership roles and 57 per cent men in leadership roles

Kmart is focused on enhancing leadership team focus, explicit targets and quarterly reporting of progress across all functions.  This year, Kmart Group introduced our Flex Where, Flex When, Flex Well offering for our corporate offices encouraging our team members to utilise a range of flexible working options.

*We define gender balance in leadership role as at least 40 per cent females and 40 per cent males. Leadership roles are defined as manager-grade and above, including all buyers, planners and store managers (not including assistant store managers)

People with (dis)ability

At Kmart we are focused on creating an accessible and inclusive environment for both our customers and team members. As such are focused on initiatives to increase accessibility for our customers and team members in addition with focusing  on employment through our employment program which places a strong emphasis on ability, not (dis)ability.

"Working with Kmart has not only enhanced my people skills but has also given me a feeling that I can positively contribute to something every day. I’m so grateful to have teammates who support and encourage me every step of the way."
Elisha Bourman Bath
Customer Greeter
Elisha Bourman Bath , Customer Greeter

Kmart have also introduced Quiet Space which offers customers and team members an opportunity to shop in a low-sensory environment with reduced noise, lighting and distractions from 3.30pm to 5.30pm every Wednesday in selected stores. This initiative was collaboratively brought to the Kmart environment form the Facilities, Property, Marketing, Technology, Corporate Affairs, People and Capability and Operations Teams

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander

We are committed to understanding, supporting and celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. We are focused on creating employment opportunities for team members with Indigenous backgrounds and ensuring that our teams reflect the diversity in the communities in which we operate. Kmart have introduced our Deadly Store Network and have an Indigenous Employment and Engagement team supporting our workforce.

Kmart had set a goal to achieve  three per cent representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in our workforce by December 2020, and in September of 2020 we achieved this!

Ignite the Wonder

Equally important with these activities, is how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander customers feel about shopping in our stores.


Earlier this year Kmart Group launched the Pride Network and online LGBTIQA+ Awareness Training.  We are looking forward to furthering our journey through inclusive leadership, awareness, education and celebration.

Our team is family

The Kmart family stretches right around the world, and it’s only because of our employee’s hard work, support, patience and dedication that we can truly make everyday living brighter for our customers. If you would like to join our Kmart family then please check out our jobs, we’d love to hear from you.