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Schindler - About Us

Schindler Lifts Australia is part of the Schindler Group, one of the world’s top elevator companies, spanning 100 countries with more than 60,000 employees worldwide. Founded in Switzerland in 1874, we are one of the largest suppliers of elevators, escalators, and moving walkways in Australia today, employing over 1,100 employees who design, install, service, and modernise urban transport systems for almost every building type.

Schindler - Vision and Values

More than 60,000 Schindler employees work around the clock to serve over one billion people using our elevators and escalators everyday. Safety for each one of our customers and employees is first and foremost.

Integrity and trust
All our employees, regardless of position, function or location adhere to the Schindler Code of Conduct. Schindler fosters open and trustworthy relationships between employees as well as customers.

Create Value for the Customer
As a service company, we rely on a strong customer orientation as the basis for the design and delivery of all products and services, as well as the continuous optimisation of our internal processes.

Schindler aims to reflect genuine Swiss quality not only in product design but also in delivery, maintenance and modernisation. Our century-old legacy and track record in delivering value is nothing but a consequence of our ability to deliver reliable solutions.

Commitment to People Development
Schindler’s commitment to be perceived as a valuable partner for its customers can only be achieved through talented, engaged and skilled employees. We develop our people to effectively understand our customers’ needs and tailor the most efficient solutions from our innovative product and service portfolio.

Here at Schindler we believe in retaining the knowledge that our employees have by promoting from within! We empower our people at all levels of the organisation to develop leadership and decision-making skills in order to shape the company’s successful future!

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion


Schindler’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

  • At Schindler, we believe that our inclusive culture, which values diversity of thought, background and experience, is a major contributor to our company’s success. Across Australia, we have employees who are from over 21 different nationalities! We believe in creating an inclusive culture in which our employees are respected and valued for their diverse skills and ideas, that way, we can better serve our customers and achieve our goals!
  • We believe that an inclusive workplace is essential to innovation and that by valuing diversity and inclusion we can enhance employee engagement, wellbeing and performance and lower the levels of unlawful behaviour such as harassment and discrimination.
  • We strive to ensure a working environment that is free from discrimination of any kind.
  • We expect our employees to observe high ethical standards, which include respecting the rights and dignity of others.
  • Schindler also facilitates role adjustments to accommodate individual limitations associated with disability and accessibility, mental health and cultural/religious requirements.
  • We offer prayer rooms and any other requirements which might help support any cultural/religious beliefs.

What you can expect from all employees at Schindler

  • A team which thrives on knowledge sharing and helping each other grow!
  • A team whose core principle is to foster an inclusive and diverse culture!
  • A team which is friendly, we understand that most of your day is spent at work and therefore we try to ensure the right balance between work and having a good time!

What you can expect from our leaders at Schindler

  • Our leaders are committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace by actively seeking out different perspectives for decision making and providing flexible working arrangements.
  • Our leaders are trained to take an unbiased approach in decision making from ensuring we hire the right individual for the position and the team through to promotions & opportunities to develop your career!

Schindler women excel in a huge range of roles both in the field and in the office. From service technicians and supervisors to engineers, project managers and service managers and sales representatives.  We also have women leading teams across the business and at senior executive level.

In our organisation:

  • Women currently make up 30% of senior executive roles
  • 37% of manager roles are held by women
  • 42% of all internal salaried promotions were given to women between 2021-2022
  • Our female to male apprentice ratio is 30:70

We have committed to achieving our long-term targets to:

  • Increase the representation of women in non-standard salaried roles across the business to 50%
  • Increase the representation of women in manager roles to 50%
  • Increase the female to male apprentice intake ration to 50:50

Schindler Lifts Australia supports several programs within our business to help foster an inclusive culture.

  • Inclusive Leadership program
  • Partnership with St Yon’s Technical Trade School
  • Women in Leadership program
  • Women’s Mentoring program
  • Courageous Careers Program
  • Paid 8 weeks of Parental Leave
  • Ongoing commitment to our Flexible Working Policy which includes job share, working from home, part time working hours post parental leave and many more!

Women in Leadership

Gender diversity still has a long way to go in the elevator and escalator industry. Our Women in Leadership program is just one of the concrete actions we're taking to get there.

Schindler - We Elevate..Women.

You might be looking for a better work-life balance. A more flexible working arrangement. A new challenge with a new commodity. Perhaps you want to achieve more by working with the best teams and technology in the world. Whatever you’re looking for, consider a career with Schindler. The opportunities are endless!


Schindler People

"I was involved in the Courageous Careers program last year and was encouraged to take more risks and further develop my networking skills and work-life balance. When it comes to encouraging women in leadership roles, have confidence in your ability to deliver and embrace the qualities that make you unique."
Tania Board
Project Engineer WA
Tania Board, Project Engineer WA
"Work-life balance is promised and delivered at Schindler. I have a great degree of control and freedom within my job. I am trusted to deliver high-quality work and results, with a flexible schedule as I have kids. I therefore work hard to maintain that level of trust."
Morri Farrugia
General Counsel & Compliance Officer
Morri Farrugia, General Counsel & Compliance Officer