Unite with the very best

UGL is a diversified services company delivering critical assets and essential services that sustain and enhance the environment in which we live.  We are a 6,000+ strong organisation and part of  the CIMIC Group, one of the world’s leading international contractors. 


Supportive, high performing teams where everyone makes a difference

At UGL, we believe a company’s ability to move with market changes and new technologies comes down to the strength of its teams.

We stopped living in a one-size-fits-all world a long time ago.  Today, our agility is matched by our flexibility and how we support people’s lives at work and outside of work.

Industry-leading capabilities, solving complex problems and creating value

We thrive on stepping-up to a problem that others couldn’t take on, or an opportunity that inspires new solutions.

Every day, we’re all part of something bigger. That sense of being stretched to be better is right at home here.

Diverse opportunities to grow, back yourself and achieve

We take on exciting work across a breadth of industries and a depth of services as we connect clients with experts in a wide range of fields.

At any stage in your career, UGL provides scope to work with, and learn from, the best. We create pathways for you to succeed, and we create the space for you to carve your own journey. 

Diversity and inclusion

At UGL, we value the richness of diversity and promote inclusion with our people.

Attracting, developing and retaining a broad mix of people enriches our company, and is essential to our creativity, innovation and business performance. 

We are building diverse and inclusive work environments where our people feel valued and are provided with the tools and career progression opportunities to be successful.


Flexibility at work

UGL is committed to supporting our employees who combine their family commitments with working with us.

We provide paid parental leave and flexible working arrangements to help our people find the right balance between their work and home lives.

Pay Equity

UGL’s gender equity policies, checks and balances ensure women and men receive equal pay for the same contribution in a like role. In 2018, after a gender pay equity audit, we reset pay parity across the business and put our recruiters and hiring managers through unconscious bias training. By regularly checking on pay equity across the HR lifecycle, we reduced our gender pay gap to less than 2% across 9 of our 14 job families.

“I have an acute focus on gender pay equity because it’s a barometer for other inequitable people practices. In my experience, when you get this right, it creates a positive ripple effect across the organisation. UGL measures pay equity at multiple points in the HR lifecycle, not just at hiring, but in every salary, performance, bonus and promotion review. That way, we continually correct tiny like-for-like pay gaps before they can get any wider.”
Sarah Elliott, GM Remuneration & Org Development


Xplore for Success

UGL and Xplore have partnered since 2016 to deliver annual development programs. These programs help to empower and enable our female employees to be their best, placing them in positions where they have opportunities to take on senior levels roles across the organisation.

 Xplore for Success enables individuals and leaders to clarify their purpose, accelerate their career, embrace inclusion and lead with passion.

Emerging Female Leaders Program

Supporting female leaders to take the next step, we explore and determine your aspirational career goals, expand your leadership skills and build your personal brand to unleash your full potential. 


"It was the most thought provoking program focusing on each individual that I have ever come across in 20 years at UGL. It will be remembered and utilised for life."
Prue Gardner – Project Engineer


"Being on the Emerging Female Leaders Program, has been one of the most incredible journeys I've been on, both on a work and a personal level.  It has allowed me to identify my strengths and how I can adapt that in my work environment, also allowing me to empower my team at same time."
Tanya Nauschutz Area Manager – Support/Logistics

Recent achievements

We are part of the CIMIC Group, one of the world’s leading international contractors.

Our Group’s recent achievements include:

  • The launch of WINTR, the CIMIC Group women’s network on LinkedIn
  • The CIMIC Group was named by LinkedIn as one of the best companies in Australia for attracting and keeping top talent. We were ranked as the sixth best company to work for in 2018.
  • Our commitment to sustainability was recognised through inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) Australia Index. We were the only construction and engineering company to receive the acknowledgment. 
  • Our Fit for Work Fit for life health initiatives now include health and income protection benefits (and more) for eligible employees.